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  • Anyone wanna give me a play ??

    what,vinly, laptop highly lightly,where are you……?what kind of music…..

    Mate…vinyl and live always
    But reliant on public/underground travel arrangements

    Bell me on 02088067508 or 07879615719 for a chat or a demo cd



    So sorry mate

    Genre= Techno and ‘avin it



    Oh yeah and in London on Specail brew…!!



    wicked,yeah will call try to get a demo cd to me will call you soon doing one on the last saturday of this month 31st and valentines,hopefully your around,should be more than one rig @ da do,but need to get a couple more dj’s confirmed for sure ……

    are you looking for more djs?

    Look forward to it..

    yes we will always give anyhalf sensible dj a shout,but again need to hear some thing somehow b4 ,how can I contact you because I don’t want to waste your time ………remember it’s on a free party vibe

    i just moved here from toronto for uni, so Ill work on a new demo cd for you in the next coupla weeks. vinyl only till i get my eqipment over from canada in april, after which ill be using final scratch as well. i only ever do free parties…im in it for the pleasure, not the business. ill pm you when ive got something ready for you to hear…mostly techno/schranz. pm me if you need any more info.
    ps where are you based?

    london & beyond,don,t worry bout the cd we can do something with messenger /or the phone ……..keeping it real






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Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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