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How much GHB for first time?

Forums Drugs GHB & GBL How much GHB for first time?

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  • probably about 3/4 of a gram

    you should have been advised before taking it that the body may and prob wont respond to it as it takes the liver time to know what it is so dont keep topping up thinking nothings happeneiin!!! try 2ml max first day then 2 hrs later 2ml more then if nothing happens ddont worry but leave it there for that day!!! next day try the same etc etc until it effects you nevr mix alcohol with it!!!!!! under any circumstances!!! if you treat this with the respect it demands it will change your life. allways keep a stash of valium handy to get you out of withdrawl it literally is like a antidote to the negatives of gbl. enjoy but maintain levels of self control!!!!! plz i know ive been to a bad place with this once.

    Giving dosage advice for GBH in ml is stupid and potentially dangerous imo as you have no idea how diluted it is! At least you’re going low with the ml, so the likely hood is unless the OP is getting it at max dilute then they just wont get as much of an effect.

    Like daft said, the % of dilutant varies and can be dangerous. So, in my opinion….just have a cup of tea.

    I thought this thread said GBH lol was gonna say, thats a pretty savage thing to dose lol

    haha I always used to get GBH and GHB mixed up. In them silly little “drugs information” booklets you got given at school what basically said you’ll die instantly if you spoke to someone who’d ever smoked cannabis it told me that a nick name for GHB is actually GBH anyway, so technically either one’s right lol.

    Christ….I think I still have one of those silly pamphlets! The one I got in school said cannabis got you tripping, and magishrooms got you ‘high’ (pretty non dis-script), crack was a one hit and your life is over thing, smack was the funniest to look back on, it claimed that 100% of first time users would go on to become fully time heroin users and die. Dies from what? sharing needles? getting hit by a mobility scooter? falling out of a parked car? or just died becuase they were of the age? it just said die, well every thing dies, its the whole point to life. I recall one page was some bullshit like ‘REAL’ stories about drug users, some of it was the worst written propaganda I’ve ever seen, not even Britain at war would have believed 3/4 of it…….. looking back I was sickening to think I believed the shite in these things, was I really THAT blind and led up the garden path?






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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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Forums Drugs GHB & GBL How much GHB for first time?