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  • Cloning creates a body with a life force (soul) but without a
    spirit given by God. The spirit gives power and animation to the
    person and people are different from sheep in that they have a unique
    spiritual being within them made “in the image of God”. A clone would
    not possess this and would be open to being demonised – possessed by
    the alternate spirit world, and empty spiritual shell, a spiritual
    vacuum easily filled by the negative spirits that Scripture says
    exist. Thus cloning a person sets them up to be spiritually
    deficient, and possibly even demonised.

    I don’t believe in God or spirits, and no one knows if humans really have a soul.

    I thought a life force could not be created, just as matter can’t be created. It can only be transformed.
    I’m sure when something is cloned, they use already living tissue.

    If a chicken was constructed atom by atom in less that 1 second using nano-technology, would it then become animate?
    If it doesn’t, then I will be inclined to believe it IS missing something, probably a “spirit”.
    If it does “live”, then I’ll be pleased to say that spirits don’t exist.

    Actually, in a smaller scale, why not create a cell out of atoms?
    Would it instantly animate? Cells would need a spirit too I suppose.

    Lots to think about there.






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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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Forums Life Politics, Media & Current Events Human Cloning