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Illegal Rave Organisers Prosecuted

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    interestingly enough, £750 is very close to the amount of an application fee to get an ents license! It certainly seems that these two were nicked in order to make an example of them.

    Then again the Fire Brigade and council do have a point; that mezzanine floor was a deathtrap and someone could have been injured or killed.

    Indeed there have been serious injuries at free parties in London due to unsafe buildings; and when this happens the ambulance and fire services have to pick up the pieces, whilst the cost comes out of the locals council taxes (this is one reason why there is a licensing process – to recover potential costs caused by an event such as a need to deploy the emergency services).

    The Reading crews always used to ensure there were fire exits etc. (Many party buildings also ended up as residential squats, so the residents were equally concerned about fire safety!) One even showed the Fire Brigade round the building; but the firemen ended up having to retreat as some pissed girls thought that they were strippers rather than real firemen!

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Forums Life Law Illegal Rave Organisers Prosecuted