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illumiNaughty 5th Birthday: The Masked Ball – KRUNCH + FAR TOO LOUD + EPHEDRIX

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  • Not long to go now! very excited!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



    On a never ending search for new sounds and ideas, the Krunch style is clearer and
    more exciting than ever! Ze’ev Diukman and Omer Kadosh (Rizo), previously touring
    the world as the legendary Dark Soho, brought together the project “Krunch” in 2006.
    Signed on the infamous Hommega Records, they became an instant hit with the release
    of their debut album “Booster” in 2008, as well as tracks on many compilations!

    Since then Krunch have been busy touring the world, hitting some of the most famous
    stages in Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland, Brazil and Germany, playing
    alongside names such as Moby and Underworld!

    Constantly experimenting with fresh production styles and sounds, Krunch is a firm
    favourite in the scene, a truly outstanding sound chosen by the biggest psytrance
    DJ’s all over the World…and now it’s Krunch time for illumiNaughty!

    Exclusive interview with Krunch coming soon on Index of /

    Download the Krunch mix on

    •• Alexander Wells ••

    Moustachioed vaudevillian cabaret performer professor of thaumatology Alexander Wells
    will be bringing an incredible stage show to add to the sensory delights of The Masked Ball!

    Magical Sideshow. Alexander has been performing at cabaret and variety nights across
    the North of England for a number of years. He is an experienced practicioner of the
    magical arts and started performing professionally more than 15 years ago. He has
    entertained crowds at outdoor events and festivals for private and corporate clients
    in the North and South of England. His style of illusion blends humour and wonder
    into believable old world magic!

    Manchester’s Merriest Maniacs Send of the Ritz in Style!

    As the old saying goes, all good things must eventually come to an end and whilst illumiNaughty, Manchester’s most psychedelic club night, is still going strong, its 5th bday on 11th Feb will mark the end of an era for the legendary Ritz Ballroom! This old theatre will soon be closing its doors as HMV takes over. Whilst evolution is always welcome and change inevitable, the creative team behind illumiNaughty are planning to bid a very special adieu to the Ballroom, which has been a spiritual home for their Digital Theatre these past years. It seemed only fair to honour The Ritz’s theatrical legacy in style and so a suitably marvellous ‘Masked Ball’ has been conceived.

    As a parting farewell, The Ritz Ballroom (as we know it) will house one last magnificent masquerade to exceed all others, illumiNaughty are pulling out all the stops! Mysterious, masked and mischievous this unusual band of theatrical merry makers will unleash their own brand of theatrical chaos amongst the crowd, who are as always encouraged to don their most outrageous costumes and outlandish persona’s in public! Baroque beauties, gyrating jesters, old world magic shows and dancing dolls will parade across the stage, 10ft goddesses and grinning puppet-masters shimmying and slinking across the dance floor throughout the night. Live cabaret, epic interactive performances, a Transformation Station and many other sensory indulgences will be on offer to the crowd who are as diverse and open minded as the night itself!

    illumiNaughty’s key strength is the unique and creative atmosphere it constantly creates. Hyperactive, hardcore and hilarious it has become internationally renowned for its off-the-wall ambience and unpredictable turn of events. Immersing yourself in the illumiNaughty world is like visiting another planet where insanity is an advantage and intensity is always guaranteed! Involving dancers, artists, DJ’s and decor makers locally as well as from overseas it selects only the hardest working, most innovative creative folk to join its rank and now has a huge multi-cultural family as its driving force!

    This time headliners include trance mammoth Krunch (Israel) at the musical helm, splicing his very own exceptional mixture of trance and hard dance alongside side Ephedrix (Belgium), a fellow heavy weight in the electronic domain. Both DJ’s have wowed crowds across the globe with their seamless beat weaving and will inevitably push energy levels sky high with the choicest selection of pumping basslines, heavenly melodies and funked-up fluctuations. Psy-breaks pioneer Far Too Loud will also be turning up the heat with heart racing bleeps and squeaks, a returning favourite to the illumiNaughty event pledging utter experimental audio carnage! Madness, magic and merriment abound this explosion of audio and visual extravagance will blow audiences away. Amazing laser light shows, live theatre, walk-about characters, body painters and illusionists let loose, illumiNaughty is part-club night, part-circus, part-madhouse and will take no prisoners as trance, trickery and tantalisation merge in a fantasy world of epic proportions. The Ritz will never be the same again…and neither might you after an evening of illumiNaughty indulgence……

    Official site of illumiNaughty

    PART 1: 10pm – 5am The Ritz Ballroom PART 2: 4.30am – 9am Secret Location

    illumiNaughty catches up with the legendary krunch for
    a exclusive interview!


    Krunch is going from strength to strength but you are also originally famous for being part of the legendary project Dark Soho. It’s now over a decade since the release of Dark Soho’s ground breaking album Sun Spot and you have had many releases since then, it must seem like a long time ago! Could tell you tell us a bit about the early days and how you came to be involved with the trance scene?

    Well actually yes. all that was a really long time ago, but it was a good time for sure. I started dealing with music at an early age listening to heavy metal and rock. Then when i was 15 I was already playing some rock and heavy metal songs as a guitarist and when I turned 17 I first went to an outdoor psy trance party in Israel and listened to trance music. I guess what I liked back then and what I like today is the fact there is so much power in music which can blow your mind away

    Your music has taken you all over the world playing at all the major festivals including Tribe in Brazil where you played to an audience of over 25000 people which must have been an incredible experience! But which events stand out as being most special for you?

    That was a massive one for sure but I think the one I’ll remember the most will be actually Boom Festival and the after party of Boom in 2008. Japan always rocks, Tribe Light in Brazil was very good as well. And of course illuminaughty playing as Dark Soho was a crazy one as well!


    At a Krunch show, do you prefer to play live, or to play a DJ set? Why is this?

    I love both the same I guess. I like to play live because I know every beat and sound of the tracks because it was very hard work making them so it’s nice to play your own music you have been spending so much time making and see people enjoy. DJ sets I love as well because it’s a wide range where you combine your own
    stuff and your favourite artists tracks. I really like the technical side of mixing as well.

    Krunch tracks are hugely popular appearing on many prestigious compilation CDs alongside lots of other big names in the scene, do you have any plans for future collaborations and who would you most like to work with given the opportunity?

    Do I have any plans? Mmmm well it comes by itself. there are some interesting offers at the moment, but let’s wait and see how it goes.

    The krunch sound is very powerful, where do you draw your influences for your music from and what inspires you to write a new track?

    Inspiration comes from everyday life while walking out and listening to a song from a radio or passing car and say to yourself: “wow… i wonder how this will sound in a new track” and I also keep in mind people want to dance but be inspired from new sound at the same time. I work hard to get that unique Krunchy sound.

    Every artist has a different work flow in the studio with some taking anything from one day to a year to write a new track, how long does it take
    to produce a new Krunch track and do you have a set procedure you follow when making music in the studio?

    It all really depends what is involved. If recording live sections is involved, it can take up to a week, otherwise I try to work long sessions and finish it in around 3-4 days maximum. When you write a track you need to have the hit the peak level on the first day and then build up the other layers.

    What do you think about other people making music these days? All this new software and music making applications, anyone can make music, anywhere! While this may be a great thing in theory, how do you feel about it? Is the world becoming too overcrowded with amateur music? Do you prefer quality over quantity?

    First of all it’s a blessing! Back in late 90’s it was a long process using a sampler and synths you had to buy all those. The process was longer not like nowadays but…it gave other flavour of sound! I believe even when you have all this software the hard work is to choose the right stuff. Sometimes too much can also cause problems.I prefer quality of course but every person will use any synth or sound in a different way and that’s the beauty.

    How do you feel about piracy? How does it affect you as an artist? What about people using cracked software to produce music?

    Well I guess we are in a different time. I can’t force the world to change, I can change myself first.This is the digital time where kids 11-15 yrs old are much smarter when we were in our age.downloading movies, music and app’s to their phone.and it’s going to happen more and more…If it’s good or bad? I guess in few years we will see the result. The only sad thing is that all media is made for short term nowadays that’s all.


    The Psytrance scene has come a long way since the early Goa days of the eighties and nineties and since the millennium has turned into a global phenomenon with huge gatherings taking place all year round all over the world, but where do you see the future of psychedelic trance heading?

    Hmmmm…hard question! I believe it will always exist but it will take an influence from the other genres of electronic music which are very big these last few years. Such as techno, electro, minimal and combine those into the psytrance.

    Having spent time living in the UK and indeed playing at illumiNaughtys first ever event! You must be excited to be back visiting again, is there anything particularly English your looking forward to experiencing again? Fish and chips? The rain!??

    Well I am really excited. I even come three times a year to the UK, and I love it as much as I did the first time.I’m looking forward to have the nice vibe of a real party, people with no issues, just pure madness. Food wise. I have been to the curry mile area in Manchester last time, real good stuff there!I can even remember the restaurant name: Kebabish… this one could be a good choice

    Thank you very much! we look forward to you rocking illumiNaughty at The Masked Ball!!

    Check out the illumiNaughty website for a exclusive Krunch Mix!

    Official site of illumiNaughty

    Storming track from Krunch!


    IllumiNaughty plans to celebrate its 5th birthday with an epic all nighter!

    For those of you who have it in them, Part 2 will be on from 4am till 9am in a
    location to be revealed on the night and will feature…

    ** Room 1 **
    Full-on Psy
    4.30-5.30 :: Loco
    5.30-6.20 :: Fuzzy Logic & Psy-chi
    6.20-7.10 :: Insomniscene
    7.10-8.00 :: 3D3N
    8.00-9.00 :: PRDC

    ** Room 2 **
    4.30-5.30 :: Key-lo
    5.30-6.20 :: MKL
    6.20-7.10 :: Fire Icewitch
    7.10-8.00 :: Lorraine
    8.00-9.00 :: Undertoad

    Love n Chaos

    @MostlyMowieWowie 416297 wrote:

    Got my tickets! Looking forward to it – shame that the parties are always in the Ritz though! there are no good clubs in manchester! Wish we had an equivalent to Lakota in Bristol – thats the perfect club for a psytrance night! The Ritz is too …. well controlled! Oh well …

    to be honest i think the ritz is the perfect club for a psytrance event! its an arena! you can put on a show! but dont worry kos the next one is in a different venue with quite a few rooms which if you like the lakota you will definetely like this!;)

    •• TICKETS ••

    Tickets for the illumiNaughty 5th Birthday •• The Masked Ball ••
    are now available from the following outlets….

    Advance £12 / MOTD
    EarlyBird: £10 sold out
    Afterparty: £5 on the door only

    Index of /

    What’s On Guide, Tickets, Events, Gig Dates, Festivals, Hotels and Restaurants

    Access All Areas Network

    Tickets – Concert, Festival, Gig, Theatre And Sport | Ticketline


    Dr Hermans: 57 Church St
    Gaffs: 222 Wilmslow Rd
    Lloyds: 212 Wilmslow Rd
    Aftabs 1 Bonsall Street
    Cyberdog: 1 Oldham St

    And now, tickets on your phone!
    Text the word “illuminaughty” to 82028



    The time is neigh for what is shaping out to be one of the most epic illumiNaughty
    birthdays in its five-year history!

    This Friday 11 February, get your masks on and come join the masquerade at the Ritz
    Ballroom – let the mystique of “The Masked Ball” transport you to a world of
    deviance, dance and delight!

    Let fantasy and reality dissolve for one night only in a masked mirage of Trance,
    trickery and tantalisation…

    •• LINE UP ••

    10.15 – 11.00 :: PRDC

    11.00 – 12.00 :: Matt Loraine

    12.00 – 1.00 :: FAR TOO LOUD

    1.00 – 2.00 :: KRUNCH

    2.00 – 3.00 :: Rizo

    3.00 – 4. 00 :: EPHEDRIX audio visual set

    4.00 – 5.00 :: Mazieg

    Performance: Ultra Violet Violence ~ Foolish Rogues
    Visuals: Ninowis
    illusionist: Alexander Wells
    Decor: illumiNaughty

    & Markets / Body Painting / Lasers


    •• ENTRY INFO ••

    Bring ID!

    The venue’s security team only accepts passport and driving license (no photocopies)
    as valid forms of ID

    Please ensure you have yours with you. no matter how old you think you look!


    Advance tickets are selling very fast, so make sure you get there early to avoid


    If, for any reason, your e-ticket has not arrived, email us on Please bring your confirmation email and ID to the

    We’d like to apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and ensure you
    that we will be able to trace everyone’s tickets at the door.


    •• TICKETS ••
    Advance £12 / MOTD
    Index of /

    Dr Hermans: 57 Church St
    Gaffs: 222 Wilmslow Rd
    Lloyds: 212 Wilmslow Rd
    Cyberdog: 1 Oldham St

    Liverpool :: Mia :: 07934571618

    Kieran :: 07977732792
    Callum :: 07842697400

    And now, tickets on your phone!
    Text the word “illuminaughty” to 82028

    Love n Chaos


    •• AFTER PARTY ••

    We are very sorry to announce that the authorities have decided that we cannot have
    an afterparty on Friday.

    This was completely out of our control and was only announced to us at the last
    minute. We have made every effort to find alternative solutions, but the powers that
    be just won’t allow it… We are really sorry for this disappointing news.

    All the more reason to party even harder at the Ritz!

    Hey guys, great news!

    The after party is back on!!

    Location will be revealed tomorrow, but it’s on, it’s close by AND it’s got 2 rooms! 😀

    ~ Tickets will be on sale in the Ritz tomorrow night ~

    See you all tomorrow for a crazy all nighter!!!!

    Love n Chaos x

    Hey guys just to clarify, this event has NOT sold out yet, we only keep 1000 tickets for advance sales. These have sold out, but the Ritz is massive so there will be tickets on the door!Get there early to avoid disappointment! See you all tomorrow!

    Love n Chaos! xxx

    Well…words can definitely not describe what happened last night…what can
    we say, as expected this event was going to be a stepping stone in
    illumiNaughty history and it literally was!

    A SOLD OUT RITZ, truly incredible! Thank you to all of you who came, thank
    you to all of you who keep coming back again and again, have become the
    identity of illuminaughty and keep it growing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    A big thank you to all the artists and performers that performed, the Ritz
    management for putting up with us and supporting us for 3 years (you will be
    missed) and a MASSIVE thank you to all the new people that came on board and
    worked so hard to create last nights carnival!

    See you all on the 7th of May!

    Love n Chaos








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