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  • Video from illumiNaughty room at EMC!

    EMC2 IllumiNaughty 17th of March – YouTube

    Called off due to reasons out of our hands, sorry everyone!

    @georgeliverpool94 496760 wrote:

    Called off due to reasons out of our hands, sorry everyone!

    Official site of illumiNaughty

    It’s still on according to them.


    @georgeliverpool94 496760 wrote:

    Called off due to reasons out of our hands, sorry everyone!

    Not sure who George is or where he’s getting his info from? very odd!

    Event is definitely on!


    Dont forget you can join us on Facebook where the page is becoming very interactive! Theres lots of info, news, music, competitions, riddles and all sorts of interesting stuff to get involved with!!

    IllumiNaughty | Facebook

    Is all looking good!! 🙂 Defo lots going on with the FB page! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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    Telephone – +44 (0)161 236 5444

    Sankeys, Radium Street, Manchester, M4 6AY


    Sankeys is situated in the heart of Ancoats on the edge of Manchester town centre and is easily accessible.
    Within walking distance of Piccadilly Train Station or Piccadilly Bus Station.

    :: Last trains to Manchester Picadilly ::

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    Sheffield :: 20:35 arrives 22:05
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    Liverpool :: 06:09 arrives 07:13 (Departs from Manchester Victoria)


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    Ahead of the ‘illumiNaughty Halloween Takeover’ event we catch up for a chat with Micha the man behind trance project Freaked Frequency. Micha has been releasing music since 2005 with two studio albums under his belt and huge hits on labels such as Chemical Crew, Vision Quest, Noga and many more!


    Hi Micha hows your day going, what are you up to?

    Micha : Hey guys, I am waiting for end of this tropic summer in Belgrade. It been too hoot honestly 🙂 .
    Its been quite busy summer for me, after decent number or festivals and outdoor events I came back to studio to finish my new E.P. for Didy`s (Bizzare Contact) label “Main Stage records”. Should be out during October….

    You have been producing music for many years now but can you tell us a little about
    the early days and how you came to be involved with the trance scene?

    Micha : Well I started to experiment with producing music around year 2000 under huge influence of my older brother and my good friend Toca ( ex Alternative Control ) . Back then after all wars and bombing in Serbia not so many people could afford decent computer thanks to all mess and economical situation, so I was hanging out at my friend`s house and his computer and there I first started to make music with old programs like Fast Tracker, ASX, Buzz,etc…

    Your latest album Nothing Stops has been a huge success, how long did it take you
    to produce this album and do you have a particular favorite track from it?

    Micha : It took about 7,8 months to finalize it. After that maybe 1 month to choose the right mastering for the album, so lets say 9 months in total.Lets say that Floating, Primary condition and Nothing Stops are tracks that I love the most from that album.


    The Freaked Frequency sound is very distinct, can you tell us a bit about what equipment you are using in the studio and what process do follow when making a track?

    Micha : Every producer have his ways how to make a track and all this ways are pretty different. Me for instance like to collect inspiration thru whole month and just in last couple of days of the month I produce whole track. About equipment I use nothing special… Dynaudio BM 6a (monitors), good solid computer with i7 processor, TC Impact twin (sound card), few MIDI controllers and some basic room acoustics.

    You have been collaborating with several artists throughout the years such as perplex, wega, and silver sun, How does it work when working with other artists do meet up in the studio or work on tracks online?

    Micha : To make a good track one should leave stress and problems behind studio door. In my opinion clean mind and relaxed mood is key to make a good track. Most of the collaborations that i made were done online.

    Do you have more plans for future collaborations coming up soon?

    Micha : Like I siad new E.P. is planed within next few months. There will be collaboration with Israeli act “Faders” and possible one more with my mates from “Silver Sun”

    To produce music takes a hell of a lot of commitment and time, what drives you to produce music and do you feel psytrance music brings positive aspects or influences into your personal life?

    Micha : That’s very true. I am happy that making music fills me with joy,same as it was in beginning. Its an awesome way to relax ones mind from all daily problems.

    What are your main musical influences aside from trance what other music do you listen to?

    Micha : I enjoy listening almost every kind of music. My big influence from where I draw my inspiration is Serbian and Balkan ethno music.

    You have toured extensively having played everywhere from America to Japan, what has been your favourite gig so far and why?

    Micha : There are moments when everything fits in right way… The energy and structure of people, venue, weather, sound system. So I could point 2 events where that feeling was the highest. That would be one gig of mine in Serbia and one in my second favorite county Portugal.

    The Trance scene has developed incredibly over the last 10 years gaining a huge international audience, what do you think is it about Trance and Trance culture that makes it appeal to such a diverse range of people and what changes have you noticed in the scene with its increasing popularity?

    Micha : Well I believe that every music genre have its own highest peak. For example for the FULL ON its was from 2006-2008, after that I guess artists stared to make too many hybrids with FULL ON and ELECTRO HOUSE, TECHNO, etc . At this time I think the scene was a bit saturated, so the people moved on to PROGRESSIVE which was more close to some original PSY sound and in this moment its very popular everywhere.

    We are all extremely excited here at illumiNaughty to have you playing at the event! Have you played in the UK before and what can we expect from your set?

    Micha : I am really glad that you feel this way 🙂 I played just one in London at some smaller party and I was thrilled!
    I have no doubt that in Manchester will be even better!

    And Finally What are your top five favorite tracks that are really doing it for you at the moment?

    Micha : 1. Bizzare Contact & Vibe Tribe – Out of Balance

    2. Freaked Frequency – At the front door
    3. Freaked Frequency & Silver Sun – Tandava
    4. Animalis – Sorry if Im hard with you
    5. G.M.S. – Freak Out

    Catch Freaked Frequency at IllumiNaughty The Halloween Takeover, Tickets on Sale now at Official site of illumiNaughty

    Freaked Frequency


    Behind the name of the project Freaked Frequency is producer Milojko Micha Jaric from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. He started to produce electronic music since his early teens and after more than 10 years he gained a big success and popularity on the trance scene worldwide.The sound of Freaked Frequency music is recognizable and very unique with a harmony of various elements and positive vibes. From the year 2005 he began to release music for the well known labels such as Chemical Crew Records, Vision Quest Productions, Farm Records, Noga Records, Utopia Records, Enzyme Records, Mahogany Records and many others. Along with many singles released, in his discography he has 2 studio albums, `FF Syndrom` (Noga Rec/Japan, 2007) and `Nothing Stops` (Utopia Rec/Israel, 2011). Both of them achieved a big success and had great reviews from the people involved in different genres of electronic music.
    In the past years Micha have been traveling around the globe, from Asia to America, playing on huge parties and festivals, working side by side with biggest names of the scene nowadays. Freaked Frequency had performed on festivals and parties from Trancendance festival in Brazil, trough Freedom festival in Portugal, and all the way to TPE festival in Japan. Have in mind that when this frequency hits, it will hit you hard!

    Utopia Records | Official Website Releases
    Freaked Frequency’s sounds on SoundCloud – Create, record and share your sounds for free
    TPE Summer Festival 2008 – Freaked Frequency Live – YouTube


    Fancy playing at the after party for ‘The Halloween Takeover’
    Check out our Facebook page for more info

    IllumiNaughty Halloween Takeover after party DJ competition | Facebook

    Sonic Species


    Signed to Alchemy Records in 2008, Sonic Species’ first release – ‘Lost Transmission’ – was an instant hit across the globe. ‘Bend the Future’ was released in 2009 on Neurobiotic Records, and again became one of the festival anthems of the summer. Sonic Species debut EP ‘Machina Terra’ was finally released in the summer of 2010 on Alchemy Records and was again proved popular through the many re-releases of the self-named title track.The debut album ‘Unleash The Beat’ is now taking the Psytrance scene by storm. Released in April 2012 on Alchemy Records it showcases the very best of Sonic Species from 138-143bpm. After performing at some of the most heavyweight international trance events, Joe Markendale a.k.a. Sonic Species is still rocking dancefloors continuously across the globe.
    Sonic Species at Vortex Easter 2011 – YouTube
    Sonic Species | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos


    Israeli DJ/Producer Bizzare Contact also known as Didy Edra is enjoying what can be put mildly as a fair amount of success within the psychedelic scene. Recent EP Minori on Mainstage Records has been met with phenomenal support, spreading across the internet with furious velocity! Best known for high energy psytrance, and a number of recent releases with Bliss and Axax Syndrome have launched him to the forefront of the energetic and playful arena of psytrance. Hot off a summer tour featuring destinations such as Brazil, Mexco and South Africa, Illuminaughty are proud to present Bizzare Contact in the main room of Sankeys – Expect the Unexpected!
    BizzareContact’s sounds on SoundCloud – Create, record and share your sounds for free
    Bizzare Contact – Live in Serbia 2010 (HD) – YouTube

    Satans Hollow – Party till 9am! – 02/11/12

    After Party tickets are flying out! Thank you guys, this is going to be a night not to forget!

    There will be a limited number of after party tickets available on the door on the night but we recommend getting tickets in advance to avoid disappointment!

    Love N Chaos! ;o)

    Official site of illumiNaughty

    At this time exactly in 7 days Sankey’s doors will open for one of the most memorable illumiNaughty events 🙂 Get your tickets this weekend cos this event is definitely selling out. Massive thank you to all of you who once again have supported us. See you all next week. Love and chaos and again a massive thank you! 🙂

    Sonic Species first appeared on the Psytrance scene back in 2008 with the massive hit – Lost in Transmission. ‘Bend the Future’ was released in 2009 on Neurobiotic Records. Sonic Species debut EP ‘Machina Terra’ was finally released in the summer of 2010 on Alchemy Records and again proved popular
    through the many re-releases of the self-named title track. With the departure of Alex Story, Sonic Species continues as the solo project of Joe Markendale, carving new epic paths through modern psychedelic trance. Having performed at some of the most heavyweight international psychedelic events, Sonic Species continues to storm dance floors with dynamic and powerful live sets. The debut album will be released in April 2012.

    We caught up with Joe for a quick chat ahead of IllumiNaughty’s Halloween Takeover event at Sankeys, Manchester on Friday 2nd November 2012.
    (Buy tickets at Official site of illumiNaughty)

    Hi Joe hows your day going, what you up to?

    Just got up and am making this interview in my living room before I have some breakfast and walk through central Brighton to get to my studio where I am putting the finishing touches on the Sonic Species RMX of Techno Widows by Astrix.

    Can you tell us a bit about how you first got involved in the scene?

    I attended my first trance party in 2000 in countryside of Kent in the South of England. It was a Liquid Connective party and I had one of the most powerful dance floor experiences of my life. Following that period me and some friends from Kent formed Organized Kaos and made outdoor parties of our own for some years. It was in the Organized Kaos and later Liquid parties that I cut my teeth as a DJ and producer.

    What music where you into before trance?

    I was in a Punk band from 13-16, then I went to a few hard house parties, acid techno and drum and bass and began DJing those styles. Shortly after that I heard trance and fell in love. I have also had a live band for 10 years now called Bonze (Bonze [1]) – we are a Psychedelic Audio-Visual Dance band.

    Your new album, ‘Unleash the Beast’ is an absolute stormer and has been a massive success. How do feel your sound has progressed since your last release?

    The album is a combination of classic Sonic Species sound with some fresh new vibes and elements. I feel like the sound is tighter and more powerful than before with more impact than previous work. I think the Sonic Species sound is more defined than ever before.

    You have had a pretty hectic touring schedule to say the least. What’s been your favorite gig so far?

    Favorite gig so far was closing the main stage or Ozora Festival 2012 on the second to last day. That was the best gig of my life.

    With the decline in album sales over recent years, a lot of artists make their living playing live and some seem to get fed up of all the travel associated with this. Is this a part of the job you enjoy or has the novelty worn off?

    The novelty has worn off most of the time but 2012 seems to be taking me to many places that I have never been before like Japan, Australia and Thailand so in those more exotic places things have more novelty value for sure. Other than that I still love touring and seeing the world but the thing I love the most is actually playing music to all the people around the world. That for me is still my no.1 passion.

    Do you have any funny stories from party’s or anecdotes you could share with us?

    Haha yeah, I have quite a few of those as it goes. Most of them are pretty embarrassing to be honest. A quick recent one is getting very drunk on Saki in Japan a few weeks ago (and i don’t like that stuff at the best of times) and then going to a big club night in Tokyo with my tour manager and some other artists and DJs. Kinetics, a South African DJ insisted that I have a shot of Tequila which I really really hate. I said “no, its not a good idea” and all that but somehow was persuaded into drinking the shot whilst standing at the crowded main bar of the venue. As soon as the Tequila hit my taste buds I was instantly sick, stopping it at the last minute with my hand. I then ran as fast as I could through the club with my hand on my mouth past all the confused Japanese party goers and burst through the exit and then through any service door and back entrance or exit I could find. I just remember thinking I better just keep on running as far as i can through as many doors as possible. Tron and Kinetics found me about an hour and a half later in a busy family bowling alley on the bottom floor of the building just hanging out with a soft drink in my hand and calmly filming the scene from my Galaxy S2.

    Where would be your dream gig be if you could play anywhere?


    England has always been at the forefront of the scene. Why do you think this is and how do you feel UK parties differ from those going on in the rest of the world?

    I think the UK parties had some serious edge in the 2000 – 2004 period. I think this was because there was a lot of new cutting edge sounding trance coming from England at that time. Everything sounded fresh and modern as the sound evolved from Goa to Psy with bigger baselines and better production. I think this charged the UK scene with an energy like no other place in the world.

    Which artist/producer would you say you admire most?

    That’s very hard to say as there are so many. I admire people like Simon Posford for his pure originality and skill as a producer and at the same time I admire equally many guys from around the world for making pure banging psytrance. To give you some clue, the producers coming up in the UK and Israel from 2000 – 2005 we some of my favorites for my DJ sets.

    You go to a desert island and can only take three things with you. What would they be?

    My Macbook Pro
    My Galaxy 2 to tether internet to my Mac Book Pro
    My Girlfriend
    (no way i gonna stay on the island that long anyways!)

    Whats your top 5 tracks of the moment?
    Starlight – Intergalactic
    Generation X – Sonic Species
    Deep and Down – Waio + Pixel + Black and White
    Amino Acid – Atomic Pulse
    Into the New World – Avalon (Sonic Species RMX)
    Check out Sonic Species Mixes here:






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