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  • Whilst dabbling with a bit of the old special K! (not large amounts) I became aware of dark voices calling me from the distance of the woods. Has anyone experienced hearing messed up voices before on the K route? Is this normal? Or do I need to stop dabbling?

    Answers on a postcard ;P

    And mind the stamp on that postcard :p


    Never done K mate…. so can’t really help.

    Well. That was a productive post wasn’t it.

    I haven’t done it but my friends have told me about how it is. And yes they’ve told me everything was distorted, voices are all slow and drawn out and you hear weird noises and energy.

    after a cocktails of pills (which could contain anything really) i was at the sanctuary in MK, in the toilets i could hear my mate calling me, i kept looking round, slowing up the queue for the water bottle filling, to see him. The more i ignored it the move enthusiastic he called me. My friend was sitting in the same place, and i know for a fact he wasn’t in the toilets, he could barely move as it was.

    It was a very trippy night, had loads of visuals, so it may have been K in the beens doing that

    sorry, this was supposed to be on the “insanity looms” thread







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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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