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  • Hey I just got my package of Ketamine in the mail, the prices were cheap so I ordered 100 bottles, bottles but they delivered 500 in 2 boxes, obviously it was some mistake, was I lucky or what?

    So should say something or just keep my mouth shut?

    I plan on using them again for sure thats why i ask…

    k********L*B* anyone else use them im curious…

    sent 400 bottles extra

    Just to point out that although ketamine is not a controlled substance to posses, It is classified as illegal to supply (the same as prescribed anti-depressants like Valium) and to public announce you have 500 bottles is equivalent to admitting dealing, as you are no doubt aware whenever you use a computer the IP number is logged and site owners must supply this to authorities if asked.

    from your IP number police know exactly where your computer is, the registered owner of the premises(renter of the phone-line)

    If you feel the need to boast about the amount of Ketamin you have just brought please respect this site and do it elsewhere.

    Afraid I have to agree with cliffchuff I think u need to be a bit more deescreet, otherwise ull find urself in prison!!

    :rolleyes: Also I wud like to say that as with n e thing such as this website its noramlly a small minority of people which give things like this a bad name which therefore leads to it being shut down and we woulden’t want that to happen now wud we!!






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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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Forums Drugs Ketamine Ketamine?