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Lost in Love – April 26th 2002 – Bloomington, IL

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    L O S T   IN   L O V E

    April 26th 2002, BLOOMINGTON-NORMAL, IL

    info: 309-823-0521

    This is a LEGAL / Licensed Event which will be taking place at:

    1602 S. Main St.
    Bloomington, IL


    DJ Brian

    Moonshine Music, Moontribe Resident, ‘Til Dawn Entertainment
    Psychotrance 2002 CD Release Tour
    Los Angeles, CA

    DJ Brian is a national favorite of everyone in our scene. Being responsible for the Hardesertrance 1, 2, and 3 series on the Moonshine record label and the recently released and celebrated addition to the Psychotrance series, Psychotrance 2002, it’s easy to say that DJ Brian is by far a master of his style and a pioneer in the industry. Every CD he has released on the Moonshine label has become a phenomenal best-seller and they are available wherever music is sold. Brace yourselves. You will not leave the same after experiencing this performance.

    D. Brad & P-Mac

    Ill Noiz Records
    Peoria, IL

    These two titans of hip-hop have been working hard to deliver the tightest beats, the smoothest flows, and hit after hit. Being residents of the Ill Noiz Records label and Power 92 FM, they have earned a well-deserved reputation. Having just released their newest single, ‘How We Ride’ and with their new album out in stores soon, they have become an important icon in the hip-hop scene. Hip-hop has come a long way over the years, and Illogical Productions is proud to deliver a group that is pushing hip-hop forward. Be sure to keep in eye out for their newest full-length CD which will be available soon in stores everywhere.


    Illogical Productions
    Miami, FL

    Distortech is by far one of the busiest in our scene. Doing sets alongside such DJs as Bad Boy Bill and Stacey Kidd, Distortech has earned a name for himself like no one else has. Be prepared — as he will be doing a total live set, guaranteed to give a different meaning to ‘electronica’. Cranking out album after album, Distortech’s style has often been imitated by larger icons but no one can compare to the intensity and passion exerted by this man when doing a live performance. Fresh from Miami, Florida: be ready to experience the original sounds of Illogical Productions’ very own Distortech.

    Shawn Myth

    The Brothers Grim CD Release Tour
    Illogical Productions
    Chicago, IL

    Being in the scene for many years, this man made his DJ debut at The Dungeon’s New Years Eve party in Bloomington, IL Since then he has spun at the phattest parties such as Superheroes, Keoki, Unreal, and our last show Lodgikal Nonsense. Most recently he has been seen blowing up Biomechanics and different downtown Chicago Nightclubs. Shawn has made it his personal mission to open the eyes of people in the house capitol of the world to the hard throbbing beat of Trance. Expect many great things from this man in the future — especially having been added to the Illogical Productions cast of resident DJs. Shawn is one DJ that is sure to never disappoint.

    Submerge 101

    Another Level
    Chicago, IL

    ‘Nuff Said. Submerge 101 has blessed our scene on several occasions leaving us all breathless. Submerge 101 is considered to be one of the most demaded techno DJ’s in the entire MidWest. He has performed with many artists around the world such as KRS-ONE, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, Paul Johnson, Rabbit in the Moon, and Armand Van Heldon just to name a few. For those who will be in attendance, if you have never experienced the sounds this man delivers, BE WARNED — He is simply wicked when it comes to his tactics on the decks. We are very honored to have his very first performance with Illogical Productions right here in Bloomington-Normal.

    Scotty Rotten

    The Brothers Grim CD Relase Tour
    Illogical Productions
    Chicago, IL

    Another scene veteran makes a comeback to show us all what he’s all about. Scotty performed at our last show, Lodgikal Nonsense, leaving the entire dance floor remembering his name for ages to come. With hard basslines, tight mixing, and one hell of an attitude, Scotty is destined to give the crowd a wake up call over one year in the making. Being a resident at several of the hottest clubs in Chicago, Scotty is steadily headed to the top. Having also been added our roster, Scotty is more than just a DJ — He’s a local legend.

    Jesse Martinez vs. DJ Zeek

    Strobehouse, The Disco House Prince
    Waukegan, IL – Normal, IL

    For the first time ever, Jesse and Zeek will be performing a tag team set, right here in Bloomington-Normal. Jesse, a veteran from Waukegan, making his return to Bloomington-Normal for the first time in over two years, is by far one of the best in his class. DJ Zeek has blown up all over the Mid-West leaving every show he plays at begging for more. It’s hard to match talent, but we think we have done it! Be sure to keep your ears open during this performance because you are destined to learn what house is supposed to sound like. This is one set you will not want to miss and one set that you will never forget.

    Miscellaneous Information:

    – Doors open at 9 PM and will shake your moneymaker until 5 AM!

    – Cost for this event is only $15. Arrive early to avoid long lines, and to ensure your entrance. This event will sell out.

    – Admission is restricted to 17+ and 21+ to drink, and IDs are required for EVERYONE. Alcohol will be served until 1:30AM.

    -Visuals Provided by Illogical Audio/Visual Featuring 2 15-foot screens

    -Laser Light show by Starlight Lasers, Memphis TN. featuring high-power argon lasers!

    -Sound Support Provided by Rexroat Sound.

    – Vendors are VERY, VERY welcome! Send us an e-mail with your request. You will be notified within two business days.

    – CD’s, T-Shirts, and other items will be for sale at their respective vendor’s booth.


    – Other Great prizes will be handed out throughout the night!



    Interested in being on our guest list? Submit your request, and tell us why you should be on the guest list! If your request is honored, you will receive a confirmation number and not only will your admission fee be waived, but you will be granted all-access for this show!

    Suggestions and comments are very appreciated.

    Well, I think that about covers it all. Stay tuned to our web page for the most up-to-date information regarding this event. We are very pleased to make a comeback in the electronic music scene after nearly a year of absence — Expect many great things to come from us in the future. We encourage you to communicate with us and let us know what is on your mind. Feel free to leave us a voice mail on our info line and/or e-mail us.

    Our main info line number is 309-823-051.

    Thanks again for all your support!!!






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