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  • So, I got the idea to see what was up here after years away. I used to a moderator here back in ‘tday and just wanted to see if any of the old heads were still knocking about. Would be reallynice to catch up with some of the old gang.

    So where have I been. That is a long, long story, but here goes.

    So one of my last posts (was on my Gazatryptamine account I think) was about me being homeless – of which lasted 7 years or even longer, I honestly don’t know as time was an abstract concept – I had a full scale, full fat psychotic break down and tried to kill myself and spent 2 years in the mental health system after a year on the streets not sleeping and that, I fell out of the system after being discharged and went back to being homeless pretty much as soon as I got out as my local council refused to acknowledge my exsistance. I spent a few years walking around the country – furthest I got was South Shields and Zeal Moncorum (antithisis of each other).
    After about 3 years I made my way back to my home town after finding out my parents had posted a missing persons report and assumed I was dead or not in the uk at all, they were very pleased to see me, I myself couldn’t sat the same at the time as I’d grown so used to being alone and fending for myself – I’d basiclly spent a long time living as wild man.

    I’ve been back living with my family for about 2 years now, and things are really good. I now live in Wales and spend my time teaching kids to skateboard for bit of pocket scratch. I still have mental health issues and the physical problems from being homeless for so long and being so alone. But I am getting better, slowly but surely.

    The individual that caused my life to come to resounding crash, I found out from a friend, had actually died of an overdose. Some here, if they still use this forum will know who. I have mixed feelings about it frankly. On the one hand I’m happy karma came and put it’s boot on his neck, but at the same time I’m super sad as X was my best mate for a very long time, so closure on the entire matter is missing. But I have spoken to their family and I was assured they where aware of the situation and the results it caused.

    But yeah, things happen and things change, people grow and people go away.

    Thats my piece.
    Big up the PV OG’s if your still here xxx

    Good to hear you’re still alive and OK Gaz! I’m now well into my 40s, don’t do anything other than occasionally drink at weekends (if I know I don’t have to drive anywhere the next morning, I finally got my licence in 2019). I spend most of my time nowadays doing computer and electronics stuff for work (and occasionally for the community radio stations) and detailing cars as a hobby..

    It’s so nice to know that your still here GL, really missed your posted. haha yep, I’m closer to 40 than I’d like to admit now and the white hair is overty noticable too – the midlife crisis hasn’t hit yet but I’m braced for it – I’ve still not learnt to drive at all yet, just got so many things going on lately that its crazy. I’ve been sober for years now, not touched a drop or taken anything in years, although I do get sent a care package from a mate very few months of his delightful homegrown, but I’ve honestly not been happier, I’ve put on so much weight it’s crazy – 4 stone in 2 years – I’m what the kids call a big chungus now haha.

    So is the good Dr. B still steering the ship, I know since the site split and format shake up things died off a bit, but hopefully some others are still lurcking or that may be wishful thinking.

    Dr B is still here, he is known as Ron on the new profiles. A few others might come back (I think a lot of people grew up and calmed down, also British Telecom mobile (EE) silently blocks this entire site (as if it doesn’t exist) as do a few other ISPs and mobile networks unless “family friendly” settings are turned off, so there’s possibly an entire generation that doesn’t even know this site exists..

    I’m here, Dr B. that is. Harrowing story G. but it’s really good to know that you’re in a better place now!

    Thanks Bunsen, it’s really nice to know that site is still going despite the seemly grave yard shift nature. But hopefully it’ll pick up and new users will find it and a new generation madness can begin, albeit a far more resevered form for us older lot – tea replaces booze.

    @GL – Yeah I assumed that ISPs were blocking the site, as I tried to login last year – about 3 months after moving to Wales and was given the old ‘ URL not recognised’ schpiel, so I had assumed that the site has been taken down, then after doing some light reading I realised that BskyB privacy and content controls were resticting access – of which I disabled promtely. I find it interesting that a wealth of knowledge, advise and humour is being denied to the masses, but then again nothing shocks me about the uk anymore as it’s moving ever closer to full on dictatorship. But hopefully some will find the site and get involved as you say.

    Hopefully I’ll hang around for the foreseeable as I’m not on social media per say – I have instagram but don’t post, I just view (pro lurker me) – so I am somewhat isolated in terms of a social group (my friend group is 2 now after all the years and I live too far away to visit really).


      Welcome back Gaz.

      I haven’t been around much either, real life have been busy with ups and downs here too 🙂

      Glad to see you’re well 🙂


        OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, My so liked Angel !!!

        From which side of the planet did you come back to that wonderful colored site… ???
        Hearing you are here is like I feel inside a DMT Trip crossing good entity spreading positives vibes.
        I hope you feel well, as well as your little, certainly no more so little, beloved one, and hope you will continue to make me cry each time I feel you are hating me…

        Best salutations from Switzerland, (Iliesse)


          I’ve never hated you 😂

          Things Are well with me and the family, I’ve just been really really busy 🙂

          Really happy to see you too, and I Hope you Are well too 🙂

          Good to hear from you Angel, glad to hear all is well with you and the fam.

          Yeah I’m well, or as well as can be – been a bit poorly with a rotten cold so feel like death warmed up – but yeah, all is good and just looking forward to moving house again.

          So I’ve moved house again. It’s actually really nice, got a great view of the Gower peninsula out my bedroom window and the Liberty Stadium (Swansea City’s football ground, come on the swans lol). 70ft back garden and loads of mountain biking trails all within 30 minutes of travel.

          Hopefully this the right place for me to get my life back on track properly.

          looks like a good place to end up! I still haven’t been to Wales yet for many years, although last time I visited my relatives I ended up driving around a fair bit of your old stomping ground in Buckinghamshire as the M4 was closed off yet again for roadworks and I got diverted there via the M40…

          I went back to Bucks a few weeks ago to see family and friends. Really amazed just how much it has changed in a little over 18 months, barely any shops are open or doing business now, homelessness is through the roof it seemed and the police presence was very unsettling too – on a 3 mile walk to my mates I saw at least 18 cars and 4 roit vans as well as the absolute chaos that HS2 bullshit has caused. Really glad we moved when we did, really don’t think I’d be having too good of a time there in it’s current state.






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