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Midsummer moot on the Ridgeway – July 2002

Forums Rave Party Reports Midsummer moot on the Ridgeway – July 2002

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  • Midsummer moot on the ridgeway

    by Sleeze*

    What a wicked moot that was. Thanks to everyone who came!

    So many rigs along the ancient track leading to the tunnel and what a fucking good vibe all around, no aggro or dick heads anywhere. Special thanks to those Kaotik Druids for keeping the rain away and for getting the sun to show itself occasionally.

    Another close encounter of the filthy kind yesterday afternoon, most of the rigs had gone and of those left we were the only one still playing when suddenly about 50 piggies oinked their way up to the track and gave us 1/2 an hour to fuck off. Rig got packed away in record time and we got off unmolested.

    Sadly there was quite a bit a rubbish left behind, many rigs and people only started clearing up when the music stopped, rather than continuous cleaning and with the rapid departure put on us by the pigs, once again it meant that proper cleaning couldn’t take place. As we were at the far end, as we drove out we picked up everyone’s rubbish bags that had been left behind, about 15 in all and all the beer cans and crap that had been missed. It was truly an honor to be able to pick up the rubbish left around those fine rigs, something we’d happily do forever, but would be nice if we didn’t have to, know what I mean?

    The farmer was a bit irked as he had laid one side of the track to seed, though I pointed out that all the rigs and ravers tried to keep of that bit of track and that the off roaders and bikers were the ones fucking that up. The farmer and pig doubted that was the case, just then 4 bikes came screeching up from the tunnel and shot off down the seeded bit of track… ha ha ha suckers.

    Hope everyone got home safely, see you soon,







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Forums Rave Party Reports Midsummer moot on the Ridgeway – July 2002