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My Fall clothes don’t fit – in a bad way

Forums Life Clothing & Fashion My Fall clothes don’t fit – in a bad way

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  • The BEST way to loose fat, is to up your metabolism. The best way of upping your metabolism is gaining more muscle. The more muscle the more fuel needed to power your body.

    Just to clarify, when they say carbs, they don’t just mean veggies, they will mean things like rice or potatoes too (and most likely the grain you talk of, but I would check into this). The easiest way to gain fat without eating much actual (bad) fat is be over eating carbs and not exercising (enough). Sugar is the worst for gaining fat, but you do need some in your diet like from fruits etc. Things like fructose (the sugar in fruits) are actually good for you. Most people have a balance of anywhere from a 50/50 carbs to protein ratio to a 80-20 carb/protein ratio. Different people have diferant bodies and diferant bodies react diferant to diferant things. The idea ratio for most is around 65/35 (so that’s 65% carbs and 35% protein (basically double the amount of protein’s worth of carbs). I’d consider altering this and see if that makes a difference over a month or two.

    Also some fats are actually good for you as well, like the fat you get from nuts for example.

    With all this in mind, in order to gain fat, it means you have a calorific intake higher then your total expenditure as you’re body is storing fat due to food you are in-taking not being needed to be burnt right away. I’d ask your gym instructor if his/her plan is to bulk you up before getting to to cut weight (this is a pretty normal thing when weight training is involved; eat in calorific excess to maximize muscle growth, but in turn also gaining some body fat, and then in a later faze concentrate more on maintaining the muscle you have gained and burning off the fat, rather then bulking up mass amounts of muscle).

    Let me know what your instructor says and I’ll see if I can help you out more if you need it. Make sure anything you decide you tell your instructor, and tell them why you are doing it, also ask them why you are doing the stuff they tell you to do. They should be able to explain exactly why and it might help you understand what is going on with your own body easier.

    Getting fit, building muscle and having a decent body fat/muscle ratio is a marathon, not a race … just keep that in mind.

    If you’re going to add in some Cardio I’d suggest 20-30 mins of HIIT twice a week, but if your instructor is already giving you cardio to do, I’d stick to their plan as adding in extra exercise could overload your body. It’s sugested that if you’re doing 2 work outs a day, say one for muscle and one for cardio, every few months (3 iirc) you should take a complete weeks rest on top of your 2 days per week normal rest each week. This will give your body more time to recover as 2 work outs a day will over stress you and it’s the repair of muscle fibre after the workout that will actually make you stronger, not the workout it’s self. So without good sleep, good food, and decent periods of rest in comparison to the time you are spending actually working out, your body wont heal properly and you could end up with some nasty injuries and damaged muscles. Rest is MORE important then the workout, providing you ARE actually working out. 😉


    lol… cool dawg!

    well other than what ppl have said, i’d just say avoid eating any manufactured food. eat fresh, find some superfood that you can be bothered to include in your diet, and your body will work on repair and maintenance as well as loss of fat

    Calories: The little creatures that live in your wardrobe that sew your clothes together smaller and smaller.

    Have you any suggestions? Yes, join a nudist colony. Saves buying new clothes or losing weight.

    my clothes also going to loose due to more washing. lol!

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Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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Forums Life Clothing & Fashion My Fall clothes don’t fit – in a bad way