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My new e-bike (Wisper 905 Torque)

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  • As I often ride very late at night (and there are often all sorts of jaywalkers around at random hours, many of whom are not sober) I decided to also add a 1000 lumen LED on the handlebars + some reflective tape. (provided I only use yellow and orange I’m OK – blue is (as you’d expect) verboten and alas so is green (as I am only fixing the computers, not the patients)…

    I’ve noticed though folk are now very careful driving near me :laugh_at:



    I have so far resisted the temptation to feed the audio from the cheap Windows phone to a Kemo amplifier (using the 8,4V accu for the front lights as the DC power source) and all weather loudspeaker and blare this down the Norwich Road at the winter weather – someone (most likely an English person, anyone else would get the joke) would probably call anti terrorism hotline on me and I’d be hauled up for something “racially aggravated” as well as traffic violations.

    The Westerwald is a bit of Germany rather like the rural bits of Northumbria/Yorkshire; there are Mountains and Weather.

    An Eukalyptusbonbon is a cough sweet (tastes like 1970s WC-cleaner); in other versions the soldiers sing

    “Schmeißt den Spieß vom Fahrrad!” / “Knock Sarge off his push bike!” (possibly as he had encouraged them to go marching in the Weather and supplied the Eukalytusbonbons when they would much rather have had Zigaretten), although they never did this and unless there was (and is) a nicely maintained track through the Westerwald the Sarge wouldn’t have had it that much easier on the bike anyway. (it is more difficult to ride slow when there are lots of people around you than to go fast!)

    It was a forerunner of todays mountain bikes; though the Germans tend to be a bit cagey about this version as it invites questions as to where the bikes often came from in the first place during the mid 20th century 😉

    Another version had “Prima Damenschlüpfer” / “Plus size ladies knickers!” added to the song :laugh_at:

    Yeah, It’s advisable to put led light at the front and at the back so that you will se people in front of you or them see you. And also led light at the back so that car will not recklessly pass you. Just want to ask is your fork built in or you upgrade it?






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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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Forums Life Bikes & Biking My new e-bike (Wisper 905 Torque)