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Native Beats Washout + cheap marquee’s

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  • Sorry to all the ravers headed for surrey on the 26th, the weather shat on us .
    On the PLUS side, NATIVE BEATS are now the proud owners of a video projector + crazy visuals, uv banners, netting, gazebo’s and dreamcatchers, so the next party will be lush, probably on the second.
    If anyone’s looking for shelters for their doofs, B&Q are doing massive 9 x 3 Metres, with walls and windows for £98.98.

    How high are they? Would be interested for keeping rig dry. Need to be about 3 meters.

    2.3mtrs to wall height plus 0.5 to peak (pitched roof)
    if you can’t fit your rig in this beast, i’m comin to your next rave with medals, no doubt.

    Hmmm… sounds just about enough. It’d be pushing it though.

    The rigs not mega massive but it does us nicely. This is a pic of it minus 4 bins.

    That is a Dirty rig, mate, well played to your crew. it’ll definitly fit, but there’s not gonna be loads of room left. where abouts do you play/what sort of tunes/ whats the rig called ? we’re down south east but dont mind a bit of a trek. check out


    South East eh? Not too far from each other actually. We operate in the Suffolk/Norfolk area, mainly in and around Thetford. Check out the site for more info..

    Had a look at your site its quite mad! Like the pitch control idea and the gallery’s are wicked.

    Maybe we will have to get together some time.

    We play Techno, Acid, Breakbeat, Old Skool and pretty much anything else in small doses. Mainly techno though.

    party season has started we kicked off in bristol for acouple and then brighton, were gonna do some teknival over your way, but couldnt convince people it was really happenin, we are up for tavellin tho, keep us posted. now with projector and crazy fuktup visjjjjjjjjjjjjjuales

    ps the site is gonna be even ruuder inna month






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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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