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need u’re scene report

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  • Heyza! I am working on a new issue of Iron Feather Journal to be released in June at the Underground Press Conference in bowling green ohio (us). Printing 1000 issues with global contacts, reviews, interviews, art, comix, etc.

    We need your scene report! Can you email us with a report on what is going in your life, the scene around you, what radio you hear, what DJs you like, etc.

    If you are to lazy to type this up for me, then graba mic and record it all to MP3 and email me that.

    If we print your report we will send you copies of the zine as well as a shirt for your tyme.

    Thanks & have phun!

    stevyn prothero,
    iron feather journal,
    POB 21157, Lansing, Michigan, 48909, US

    wow I didn’t think da IFJ was still about – u sent one 2 my mates in Advance party (UK pro-free party campaigning group in 1994) – good 2 see u r on here!

    nice 1 steve……

    if I get the time 2 do a report I may even send 1 up to u

    Heyza! coolness! small world eh? yeppers we are still cranking out the zine. Always welcomeing contacts, infos, articles, gfx, comix, etc and will trade issues, shirts etc for your tyme. Hope your summer is rocking (it just snowed here today in lansing michigan) but next weekend is the free 3 day outdoor electronic music festival in detroit, i’ll write a report back here afterwards.

    have mucho phun!


    interesting site-worth a look






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Forums Rave Party Reports need u’re scene report