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Forums Web Site Birthdays NEW 2020 SEX & DRUGS PARTY VIBE REBIRTH

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      2020 should be the start of a new Party Vibe Forum at that same place Place : HERE

      This annouce is maybe just a nostalgic dream from me, but I am quiet sure this could be possible to return to the good old Party vibe platform, even if many threads has been lost.

      Just put it like it was before and the people will make the rest. It’s up to you Dr Bunsen to upload what u still have rest of the old site

      But with the a new relooking theme not as it is at the moment (brown like shit),
      but with the Good Old Dark Black color Theme !!!!!!


      I want the old emojis back. On a serious note, is there something we could go to besides wordpress becasuse this is too difficult to use?


        i already message dr bunsen several times these last 2 month , but he didn’t even reply me
        i have talked with GL , should get an answer

        i found that the emojis were a nice and easy way for me to express things and moods, it also gaves colors to Party vibes

        i have begun to search in my old quotes the emojis i had import from the old sites but i won’t find all. but dr bunsen has the backups from the old party vibe site and he is the one who can get them and easaly add them to be used

        i will be every sunday evening UK time (sunday afternoon new york time) to monday morning (late sunday night) online, looking every hour or so if i see you or someone, last time i missed you 4 a few minutes and i missed GL same.

        tryptameanie is giving u a big hug, i call him every day or so, butz we are retired since G+ closed on the phone and we are playing chess on lol, WAITING TO TRY TO FIND A NEW PARTY VIBE FORUM WORKING AGAIN

        if u speak to anyone i would propose that u try to ask them if they would like to try to come for starting every sunday like i said and see if something can be done.

        Cool I can get on around 3:00 New York time.


          [quote=1261494]Cool I can get on around 3:00 New York time.[/quote]

          hey diggi budd, coo l u replied some days ago, hope we gona find a little tie to try to synchronise first

          now its about 08: 52 in the morning by new york i guess and you meant certainly 15:00

          so leave a message wenn its online, just it may take maybe a couple time until i remak it, but look until u go sleep when i replied, i hope trypta fuck will come say a little fuck to me and hug to you

          Yeah, I meant afternoon New York time, I forgot yesterday.

          FUcked up last week but I’m gonna be on here every Sunday evening from now on.

          Signing off will try again next sunday


            Time zones sucks ?





          Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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          Forums Web Site Birthdays NEW 2020 SEX & DRUGS PARTY VIBE REBIRTH