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New Version Of Firefox Released

Forums Life New Version Of Firefox Released

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  • Theres been a new version Of Mozilla Firefox released
    Download it here

    For anyone who has been living in a skip for the past couple of years 🙂
    Mozilla Firefox is a browser that beats the crap out of IE with one hand behind its back.Its smaller,faster and much,much more expandable than IE ,thanks to its neat add-ons,or extensions.Theres an extension to do pretty much anything you want,and if there isnt,then Firefox is Open Source and you can write your own
    Well worth a look,it even imports your IE favourites,so if you try it and dont like it,then you can just uninstall it.

    Thers been a bit of a stooshy about this new release….you HAVE to uninstall any older version of Firefox before installing the new one,otherwise youll end up with two entries for Firefox in the add/remove programs list…and if you delete one from there,both are deleted,as they point to the same location.
    Some Extensions may not work with this release either,although thats pretty normal.






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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Forums Life New Version Of Firefox Released