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  • Thanks to all those involved in the Reading warehouse party – fucking top night!


    Where did this party happen? What was it like? I was at the big ware house event in Reading last year, it was good…

    Anyhow Amsterdam was really fun on new years also. We made our way to a Psychedelic Conspiracy event in a warehouse behind Central Station. Good decor, lots of smiley people, satisfying pa and good tunes smile.gif. We danced all night…

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    Warehouse Party NYE was excellent.
    Fucking incredible setup, a lot of work went
    in to that.
    I went on friday 22nd, expected NYE to be
    the same rig. Very nicely supprised.
    Cheers to all involved.
    Anyone know when theres gonna be anything else happening in reading soon?

    Next Reading party
    ‘The Struggle Continues’
    Phychosis Sound System.
    Othe rigs T.B.C
    27th Jan
    To receive SMS on the night send your mobile number to:
    Or call 07788 135 538 after 10.30


    toooo many casualty sories for this bunny 2 re-call xept maybe the memory i have of waking at a house on new years day covered in piss and k.!!!!!
    good to c u recognize work done on warehouses, i was sooooo glad i helped clean out my favorite electrical goods store!!!hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!can any body else remember anthing, atall.///please!???






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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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