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  • NightClub Medics availible for free parties,

    Fully kitted,
    Fully Qualified,
    Fully Insured,
    Drugs trained,

    Availible nationwide, prepared to turn blind eye
    Cash in hand prefered

    or leave e’mail addy

    Hey,thats an excellent idea! 🙂

    Nice one Ray, I’ll pass your details on… Thanks for that.

    Do you have a working email address available? The one you’ve listed isn’t valid…

    If that e’mail address has failed try,

    this one dworks deffo,


    Sorry this may seem like a daft question but what is the difference between a Night Club Medic and a qualified First Aider???

    Sorry this may seem like a daft question but what is the difference between a Night Club Medic and a qualified First Aider???

    Technically, very little if anything. Ravers are still normal humans, not space aliens – whatever people may think 🙂 , so the medical type stuff will be the same. The kind of conditions old nursey will be dealing with will be “normal” human ailments such as heatstroke,hypothermia, exhaustion, and perhaps physical and mental problems brought on by chemical poisoning.

    As far as “chill out room manner” is concerned, someone like RAY will be more used to dealing with patients the kind of environment that we we like 2 have fun in, whilst your average First Aider IME is more used to dealing with old grannies who have fallen on the deck whilst walking in the street with their shopping, or office workers who drop a heavy crate of files on their toes.

    Also, he is “prepared to turn a blind eye” – many conventional “first aid” (and other healthcare) workers may have prohibitionist views on recreational drug use and be less sympathetic towards someone perceived 2 have “self-inflicted” ailments.

    The difference between a nightclub medic and a first aider to start with is the amount of training you recieve,

    A firs aid course is a three hour course, the first aid door staff are trained in is often less than this and only covers casualtys suffering from:

    A: Not breathing,
    B: No responce,
    C: Servere bleeding,

    I know the standard of training is poor because i hold the qualification to teach it,

    A first aider also does not have the expierience to work in a rave/club environment, a recent report from the Department of Health and the home office states even NHS State registered Paramedics should have additional training to work in these environments.

    I have over ten years expierence of pre hospital care including vollentree, NHS and Private work and i worked as a director of operations for over 3 years including the medical planning behind the mardi gras festival, global gathering and the Party in the park.

    Further to this i have had to take part in extended training in drugs (instructed by DAT) and i’m qualified throught the charted institute of environment health in health and safety and risk assessment.

    Hiring myself out even thought i have all the kit, training and insurance is a big risk as

    A: It would be surgested that i’m condoning drug use of which i’m not, drugs will alway be taken at
    raves/club but considering the brain dies after four minute of lack of oxygen and the national average of an NHS ambulance is between 8 and 14 minutes (yeah right on a fri/sat night) there should be provisions in place.

    B: Due to it been an illegal gathering i could get into shit over that.

    If you look the news on this site one free party was closed due to lack of health and safety provisions.

    I hope that answers your query,

    Thanks Ray for your reply. I did think the standard of first aid training was very variable,
    it also needs practice (just like DJ’ing) to be effective – I will admit I took a first aid course in 1989 but have forgotten a lot of the procedures.

    You will be pleased to know my current employers (nothing to do with the party scene)spend a lot more than 3 hours on their first aid courses, although naturally you have extra experience and skills that are required when dealing with our scene – and the sympathetic manner required. Fair play to you for taking the risks with your professional career to help us out!

    BTW at Reading squat parties one of the first things we do is check that fire exits, running water and first-aid / refuge facilities are available if possible.

    actually health and safety should always be in the minds of crews even “away from the front line” – we do use a lot of electrical stuff, toxic chemicals(!) (actually I mean backdrop paint etc) and work very long hours with this dangerous stuff.

    The reason i was asking was because i am a qualified first aider and have had to use this skill quite a few times at parties.

    However my training was longer than 3 hours it was 28(long)hours and we did cover extra topics such as drugs, alcohol and babies. (obviously not to the depth that you have).

    Do you actually go to parties normally or are you offering your service as and when rigs want you there?

    To start with i’ll address the point regaurding first aid courses not teaching anything about kids and alcohol.

    The reason this is not part of the sylibus is because in a normal workplace (which has been choosem by The HSE thinks we all work in offices or factories) so there should be no contact with kids or drunks. Very wrong i have just got back from work at a nightclub and i dealt with plenty of drunks and e’ed up kids (16 to 18 years old) but with out a paeds certificate in court i would not have been covered to treatthem (good job i have that cert then)

    So technically St Johns ect can not provide first aid to kids unless they have a paeds certificate which in the ten years of which i WAS a member no one had.

    I currently work in a consultancy capacity for nightclubs on basically how to prevent death in their club.

    Drugs have been here for a long time and will to be so rather than not facing upto facts and saying “theres no drugs in my club” (BULL SHIT) club owner, promotors and management should put in place staff with
    a: qualifications
    C:insurance (the US sue any fucker culture is nearly here)

    I first started in this trade because each week me and me mates took e’s at home so one of us would to takes to be “the responsable adult” and following dealing with casualties in nightclubs i was offered a position of club medic for my local club.

    I then got to no a couple of people in the free party scene and they thought it would be a good idea for me to start doin free parties coverage hence where i am today.

    Also because no other fucker in the trade is brave enought to cover such an event is it cos its not their scene or cos they are not confident in their own ability. probally the second one.

    Its easy to do a small event like a church fair so st johns can have that, i like a challenge and believe in what i’m doing. At first i would call an ambulance soon as anyone fitted but now i try nt to call 999 unless i have to (expierence)

    I know what i’m doining people will disagree with but i can defend my actions, raves WILL take place so lets makee them safe as possible so everyone can have Fun, which is what its all about.

    At the same time having a medic like me is not an invertation to drop 7 or 8 pills cos i’m not a miricle worker!

    In responce to your second part about how i operate, yes i do charge as everyone has to make a living and this is mine and also i’m taking very big risks but i must be good at what i do cos i rely a repeat booking and hold a number of prestige contracts including work for councils, the police force and previous clients include sheffield united and the BBC.

    After all my costs (kit, qualification and insurance i’m probally on slightly above the min wage but i love the atmostphere and the music (also a bedroom DJ)


    ps if your wondering why i’m replying at 5:15 in the morning its cos i have just finished workin at Aura orange club night.

    If anyone requires my services please contact

    Originally posted by
    Also because no other fucker in the trade is brave enought to cover such an event is it cos its not their scene or cos they are not confident in their own ability. probally the second one.

    hey i have been doing outreach at parties and festivals for years, I started professionally with Release before they stopped most of their hands on work:(

    and since have been working with a crew of drug workers from various agencies, we set up our own business called the ‘Chill-out collective’ and provide first aid, chill out space, drug councelling and information as well as looking after munters we give legal info and lease with medical staff (although we have qualified nurses health and safety inspectors and many many drug workers as well as legal types) we have covered a variety of events from free parties to festivals (Essential to Legalise maryjuana March) and to many clubs and parties to mention.

    All events should provide experienced drug workers at a recomended rate of minimum 1 worker per 1000 punters.

    Respect to the last post,

    I was’nt getting at other providers in the quote you used,

    From my experience there are providers to nightclubs but these services will not touch the free party or rave scene probally due to the reasons i have outlined.

    Due to our current work load i have been searching from other services to help with some of my work yet no one wants to touch it.

    If possible could you drop me an e’mail explaining what your organisation does as we may be able to work on a project i’ve got together,


    coolio, electronic missive winging its way:)

    We used this guy recently for a club night (venue insisted cos of u18’s nite and found he’s a spot on bloke. He and his team seem to be well knowledgable but also enjoy havin a laff.

    I would recommend them as they are good but also alot cheaper than others we tryed.

    Nice hope to work again with u Ray!

    Scott Subline FM

    PS> Check out 99.7fm in and around the staffs area!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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