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  • Ello all.

    After getting onto some free parties summer 2003 a group of us from the ‘pool and mcster are sourcing some equipment. Can anyone give some advice about how to not get it taken off us by the polis?


    any outdoor sites in use in the NW area which are tried and tested?

    Anyway, we’re just starting out on this one and anything you know would be useful.

    yes thats a great idea but as im you i have no information for you…

    although as a southerner I can’t help with specific locations; from experience best way 2 avoid getting equipment seized is 2 choose venues carefully & minimise noise disturbance – the cops only turn up after locals have complained; contrary 2 many conspiracy theories southern cops don’t have the resources 2 stop parties @ the outset. NB: I do not know how GMP respond 2 parties; I have been told my many northerners who come 2 my home city that GMP r particularly harsh on everything as they associate raves with scallies & gangs.

    also if ne1 wishes 2 respond naturally these locations should not be passed across the public forum!

    good luck 2 u neway. Interested 2 see that u have crew from Liverpool and Manchester – always was told scousers & mancs hated 1 another & would always fight! So its excellent if ur partying 2gether now….

    thank you.

    maybe come round to a less worries orientated approach…. tunes, quiet location (w parking) some tarpaulin and lighting. People. Party.


    ta again.

    Have you had a look through the rest of this site Dancingmoons?
    theres quite a bit of useful info on here.

    Other than General Lighting’s excellent advice,the only thing i would add is dont get disheartened by a low turnout at your first parties…it can take time to build up.

    welcome aboard btw 😀

    I don’t know how different forces react. But round this way (east anglia) its rare to have your rig seized. And if it does you can go collect it the next day in one piece.

    As long as you aren’t taking the piss by breaking into new bulidings in residential areas then the police are friendly. Just speak to them as you would anyone. No need to be hostile as they are just doing their job. And if you look confrontational then it gives them more desire to take action against stopping the party.

    dancing moons i could help out djwise maybe some equipment too

    Any1 know of any free parties coming up in mcr? I got a flyer for summit a few weeks ago and I heard of something going on in mid to late March. Me and my friend are building a small sound atm. We play reggae and hip-hop and are well up for gettin involved in a few parties, if not djing, just goin to them!

    Peace, Love and Unit. Riddim Unit.






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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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