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Northern College "lecturers" whinge..

Forums Life Learning & Education Northern College "lecturers" whinge..

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  • NB: most of this info relates only to the UK.

    have a look at this…

    It appears to have come from a “college lecturer” or “educationalist”
    in the North of England.

    Some of the points are valid (although the now-discredited “dain bramage” report is cited!); but despite claiming not to be the tone of this comes across as rather judgemental.

    I am also concerned at the implied suggestion that college tutors or admin staff should be recording details of peoples drug use; IMO this work should only be done by trained medical professionals in the NHS, and be kept as confidential as your other medical records would be.

    How do they know that someone just dropped out due to drug use or for other reasons? And would this information potentially be passed to the Police?

    Its worth considering though that stuff like this shows that non-Police public bodies such as UK colleges are now taking an interest in peoples activities outside the campus…. It is worth keeping an eye on “initiatives” like this.

    Incidentally whoever wrote it was not even prepared to put a name (or even an alias) to their work. Whilst its understandable “our side” use aliases sometimes (after all we could be accused of “assisting with illegal activities – one would expect the “antis” to not have this paranoia – especially as they claim the “moral/legal high ground”

    Mind you, the author appears to have a lot of problems with spelling and grammar for an “educationalist”; I hope he/she is not an English teacher!






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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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Forums Life Learning & Education Northern College "lecturers" whinge..