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  • Hey Glitterbug
    Welcome aboard…..but dont forget the L stands for Love 😀

    Originally posted by glitterbug

    There is a Atlanta based site, a lot like this one. Except that you re NOT allowed to post about drugs or talk about them. Me, I no longer am a avid user of xtc, but that is a personal matter. But when I was, and everyone else was too, there was no place like this that we could go to, to get some, or find out about them, and the harms, side affedts ect. So I just wanted to give the creators of this site big ups!!!
    Oh and the whole PLUR thing, is so not the case where I live.

    thanks for your post – it is always good to hear from people across the world. Partyvibe has always talked openly and frankly about the use of recreational drugs; both the positive and negative aspects.

    I wonder though if one reason for the “anti-drugs” stance of the site is that the owners are fearful of what could happen to them if they ran a site “advocating drug use”?. I read somewhere that there are various laws in the USA that can be (and are) often used against “pro-drugs” sites; also there is the danger people will be silly and try to set up a deal on the board which could be enough for the FBI to get the board closed down.

    I am not particularly suprised the PLUR thing is not as popular in the USA; especially post 9/11 and the on-going wars across the world.

    It is not as prevalent on the rave scene here (in England) as it used to be either (for instance I stayed away from parties in my city for a long time due to concern over some incidents of violence and vandalism); but things have been getting better recently. In England we have recently had a big backlash against our scene (especially “free” or “outlaw” parties that are held without a license) which has brought the ravers together to fight it.

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.

    Its definatley so good to see that so many people are fighting against the issue. Its good that all of you will stand together and fight the anti-rave issue. And most of the reason why people are shunned if they talk about drugz on our site is cause they are all in the closet users anyway. then on the boards they are like omg if you roll you are such an idiot and if you smoke pot you are such a loser and if you do crystal meth(Tina in the USA) you are skanky ect. But then you go to a party and they are the first one to be sitting in the corner with a fucking binkie while someone rubs them down with baby oil, and giving them a light show. Its all really stupid, and everyone is a hypocrite. But what can one do? NOTHING but call them on their bluff the next time you see them, or the next time they are posting bull shit on the boards. Then you end up looking like a fucking hero, and yet everyone else knows that they are just as damn guilty as that guy was. Anyway…well I am glad and support you guys and your site.

    Oh and I love you all already!!!:)







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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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Forums Drugs Omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!