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  • Firstly we would like to thank everyone who made it down to the SPIRIT
    launch night a couple of weeks back. Those who were there know what a
    blinding night it was, and those who don’t will have to take our word for
    it. It was a corker!

    But please do not despair if you did miss it, as you will have another
    opportunity to sample the delight which is SPIRIT on Saturday 4th November,
    at Belushi’s, 161 Borough High Street, London Bridge. The night starts at
    10pm but the bar is open before that if you are gagging for a sweet sherry.
    The nearest tube is either Borough or London Bridge itself.

    It will only cost you a fiver to get in, and we throw in a free membership.
    And if that’s not enough, you get Rob Parish, The Preacher and Emile,
    playing the very best in uplifting banging house music. The event is being
    filmed for the forthcoming blockbuster “SPIRIT: The Movie”, which should be
    available by December. Just the thing to pop into your Christmas stockings.
    Forget scooters and Thunderbirds. This years big pressie will be this video!
    Talking of ideal pressies, the August and September CD’s are now available
    at only £5 each, plus £1 p+p.

    Why not pay a visit to the SPIRIT web page, the address of which is:

    If you have any queries, or want to order any mix CD’s, just mail us back.
    If you have been sent this mail in error, or just simply do not wish to
    receive mail from us in the future, then reply, adding “Remove” to the
    subject line.

    Muchos Regardos,

    Your Spiritual Advisers.






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Forums Rave Free Parties & Teknivals Our next party…