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  • what’s everyone up to this weekend?

    Im going on a pillin mission on saturday, cant fukkin wait im gettin 5 pills mite hav ’em all in1 nite. safe.

    moderation’s a definate virtue, pace yourself young man!

    just back from t-in-the-park,not a free party i know but Green Velvet and Orbital were amazing.

    sounds fun. i saw Orbital at dance valley last year. their set was a bit of an anticlimax at the end of a manic day, but they we’re still great.

    anyone going to Bristol community festivalat Ashton court? not a free party but it’s free. and may be a good place to get dialing. Also is there any truth in the tale that mooters may be escaping to pastures new(ish) on the 27th ?

    From what I’ve heard there’s gonna be a Mutant Dance free party on Sat after Ashton Court:

    > >
    > > Multi rig gathering
    > > everybody welcome.
    > >
    > > call after 11pm
    > >
    > > 07980401646 / 07816984913 / 07815627676
    > >

    Dubber Dan






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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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Forums Rave Free Parties & Teknivals parties…