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  • For those who were asking about how to show images on the forum, if you can deep link to them it is still possible to surround them with ‘img’ tags in square brackets


    these two images are uploaded using the bit at the bottom after “to better explain your question or answer”. There may be some limit on the size/dimensions, if the image is too big it will not upload at all. – attachments can be up to 2048KB (2MB). this is quite a generous amount, but if you have taken a picture from most modern phones and digital cameras you may need to resize or shrink it to post it as an attachment),

    Thanks Alex, here’s a screenshot too.

    I’m not liking image titles next to attachments though.

    I’ve made a change, they look better now I think.

    Cool. I’m getting this weird thing where I need to login between posts.

    What browser are you using? Is anyone else having this problem?


    Is it still happening now? And are you using any funky cookie or ad blockers?

    just tried logging in with Chrome and not getting this, although I did click the “remember me” button before completing the CAPTCHA.

    have got Ublock Origin currently running, with usual Easylist + FR, DE and NL language packs..

    PS: I would edit my previous post to show that the attachment message is updated but I am no longer able to edit older posts..

    Sorry about that. I’ve made Angel and you moderators. Are any of the rest of the old team still active?

    just got a message from !sinner69!, he is unable to log in again..

    Not running anything weird. I am using incognito mode. I did what GL did and clicked remember me, it seemed to fix things.

    Did we lose Tryptameanie in the forum migration?? Haven’t seen him around.

    [quote quote=1007978]just got a message from !sinner69!, he is unable to log in again…[/quote]

    What browser is he using and what URL is he trying?






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Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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Forums Life Photography Picture display test