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  • Reprinted from Noise

    If you were a copper in Leeds you probably gassed a load of innocent people who were having a good time, without giving them any warning, gave a few innocent people a kicking round the back and generally threw your weight around and destroyed what little confidence anyone in Leeds had in you …

    If you were someone who liked a good party you would probably have gone to a good party… then the first thing you know in the middle of a crackin acid techno set was the filth kickin the door in and lobbing CS gas and pepper spray at ya… very good idea in a house with 400 people in I hear you say… then they’d march you outside and give you a good kickin if you said owt…..

    Maybe the HUNDREDS of police could have been put to better use… make note of the point that this was a LEGAL party, the police had no right to use that level of force and aggression in order to break up a PARTY… yep not an Al Quaeda training session…. a party……why the riot gear? Why the dogs? Why the violence? Why the heavy handed tactics?? Why not just ask people to leave?

    Be careful…..don’t believe what you read… journalists ain’t about to make people happy, they wanna make money and political gains and therefore there is a slant on everything you read. I know…. I was there I saw what happened, I’ve talked to other who were there……. and this ain’t an accurate summary.

    Who do you go to for help when it’s the police who’ve beaten you up, this is England…it aint a hotbed of extremists and terrorism. Human Rights are being ignored all around the world, look at the CIA targeted assassinations of Al Quaeda suspects…. note the word SUSPECTS…. personally I was of the opinion that in this world you should be innocent until proven guilty, obviously the powers that be do not agree with me on this one…

    Look after yourselves…

    The print in this scan is legible if you save it to disk…

    I saw this on Dirtycircus Klark,but the way its told there makes it sound more like the paper’s version!






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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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