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Police stop illegal rave

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  • Norwich Evening News – 9th July 2001

    Police stop illegal rave

    Two people were arrested as police raided an illegal rave held in an empty
    building near Norwich city centre

    A police spokeswoman said today that a security patrol alerted officers to
    the rave in the ealry hours of Sunday morning.

    She added that more than 150 people had gathered at the old brewery building
    in Mountergate.

    “It became evident that a rave was in progress” said Det Con Jackie
    Manwaring. “Generators and sound systems were found inside”.

    Officers added that a number of safety concerns led to the descision to take
    direct action.

    At about 3.00am, police moved in to break up the party and one reveller was
    taken to the Norfolk and Norwich hospital with a foot injury.

    “Occassionally, the King Street area does suffer unlawful events like this,”
    said Chf Supt Peter Fraser, cammander of Norwich police, “They present a
    significant risk to the people attending them, not to mention the burden
    they place on the police, who are already very busy policing a normal
    saturday night in the city center”

    An investigation has been launched to establish who organised the rave.

    Mr Fraser also appealed to members of the public to alert police as soon as
    they were aware of an iillegal rave being held.

    One person was arrested for a drugs offence and a second for assaulting a
    police officer.






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Forums Rave Party Reports Police stop illegal rave