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Police Think It’s Hilarious To Crack Jokes About Coronavirus-Contaminated Drugs

Forums Drugs Amphetamines Police Think It’s Hilarious To Crack Jokes About Coronavirus-Contaminated Drugs

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  • I’m not sure how this started, by police, by the police, by some little chucklefucker or what but this is disgraceful.

    Nah thats police departments in parts of america, thats literally someone running their social media page and writing that up and hitting post. SMH like not something to joke about at the moment especially given how low the bar is for information about corona virus, like people in america thinking it comes from corona beer… Given that many people really trust their local government’s social media pages this isn’t something to start a scare over, probably not the meth heads trusting the cops though.

    Whilst there’s no way on Earth I’d ever fall fr such a thing, I know there are some that will and unfortunately for them, a potential prison sentence awaits. Such a contrast with Holland where if there’s an actual emergency relating to drugs, they will test them and you’re free to go.


      I any case, if some addicts would fall in such stupid report information

      IF ANY JUGE GIVE A JAIL SENTENCE FOR CONSUMPTION to some addicts falling in such stupid Information Reports, JUST REMEMBER :


      And cops should use their fonction to give advices when confrontaded to drug addicted on how they can protect themselves and avoid passing it to each other, cuz like with the AIDS epidemy, the CORONA-19 Virus will ceretainly be spread bz that group of people.

      Never forget these childs are also maybe yours

      Holland has an enlightened mindset to harm reduction, America its just kinda like we’re still seeing addiction as a moral failing and not an illness.

      Totally agree that cops could do a lot better and community policing and harm reduction isn’t really a thing here and some of the judges are compassionate and some of them think drug addicts need to go to the boiler room of hell.

      Illiese, Americas approach to drugs is a million miles away from the approach from any other western country. They even had a TV series set in, I believe, Arizona, where they’d send people cards saying they’d won a prize then arrest them on the most trivial of misdemeanours.

      DB, Holland is certainly one of the leaders in harm reduction but even here in the UK it’s starting to be understood that reducing harm is essential. We now have people attending every major festival that will test your drugs butalso take care of you if you’re experiencing a difficult situation rather than call the police and have people tripping their faces off being arrested and thrown into a cell where their mental state will deteriorate faster.

      One time the FBI sent letters telling people with warrants they’d won NFL tickets, they got like 100 people with that. Granted these were federal warrants so it probably wasn’t over trivial shit.

      I think we’ll come around on harm reduction but we’re behind the curve because the opioid epidemic definitely caught us with our pants down as a nation and a lot of dumb asses are still going with the “just say no” stuff that didn’t work during the crack epidemic but now most of the addicts are white so people give a little more of a shit but still see it as a moral failing in many cases. Lack of a coherent health care system really hurts.

      We have harm reduction like testing and crisis support at festivals but only at the more “spiritual” festivals for lack of a better word like Burning Man and the like.

      I really feel for the addicts and users in your country DB. Several states had the decency to enact amnesty upon people who’d had adverse reactions to drugs who presented at hospital rather than them having their lives saved whilst the pigs were called and while you live, you potentially spend the rest of your life in prison due to the 3 strikes bullshit or mandatory minimums or whatnot…

      Hi I just picked up a gram of blue meth need to know more before I inject it into myself






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    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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    Forums Drugs Amphetamines Police Think It’s Hilarious To Crack Jokes About Coronavirus-Contaminated Drugs