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  • Festival session is getting ever closer, and the war on drugs is getting ever bigger. Therefore i am guessing the police will around a lot more at festival gates etc.

    Just wondering how effective drug dogs actually are?? anyone ran into problems with them?? or know some good stories

    they wont find it if its up your ass, but then again they might not search you and walking like a cowboy for the next three days at a festival is less than enjoyable… so someone told me…

    also if your a girl and you plug your drugs, make sure that you tie a piece of string to them oterwise when the time comes to get them out again you may find yourself in a tricky situation where you have to ask a guy that you havent known for that long to try and help you find them cause you’ve lost them ‘somewhere up there’

    basically if u are really paranoid u can whack drugs inside a closed up tent. they can’t pitch every persons tent.

    the whole sniffer dog thing is just scare tactics, all festivals are full of drugs and i bet most people don’t even hide them.

    i went to shambala, symmetry and boomtown fair last year. there were no dogs and no drug searches that i saw. you could’ve walked in with ur pockets full of pills/powders/weed.

    people would go home if there was no drugs anyway most probably, so it’s in there best interest to let drugs come in.

    Dogs have a limited window of operation. they get tired like humans. They are expensive to deploy so they only get used when the feds have said to a big festival organiser “dogs or no license” and they are only really used against those they suspect of bringing in dealing level quantities and who fund their festivals through drug sales. cops often already have intelligence on these people (who are often involved in other festival related crime, or if tolerated by the crew are perhaps laundering festival finances – a job for SOCA) and target them before random users.

    the amount of dogs and police presence at a festival is actually only proportionate to the amount of crimes/negative incidents the cops or local NHS trusts report back to the Council licensing committee.

    Most of the time the frontline cops at festivals only want to nick dealers, thieves, thugs, muppets what get violent or predatory towards women on drugs/booze and other muppets who drive under the influence,rather than waste their time processing minor posession cautions from people out of area.

    I’ve seen loads and loads of dog drug searches – they are brilliant at their job –
    will find even trace’s of what they are taught to find – specific dogs will do specific things (from mephadrone, methadone, heroin, cocaine, cannabis to bombs) and they even train them with local cutting agents too – so can be geographic specific – they often will use ‘removed’ stash after court cases etc

    I’ve seen CD cases (that have been used to cut up lines) foil used to smoke heroin, needles and other prep stuff like spoons / crack pipes, and actual spliffs and drugs found, ‘hidden’ from the eye in rooms, outside and under clothing / bedding etc

    it always amazed me!

    I’ve not seen many ‘people’ sniffed so am presuming plugging works from stories I’ve heard – but have also heard stories of a solistor and off duty copper being caught with charlie at train / tube station random dogs

    and as p0ly says – depends on what festies you choose to go to =
    didnt see any dogs at any festiies I went to last year.

    @p0ly 417644 wrote:

    you could’ve walked in with ur pockets full of pills/powders/weed.

    try this at secret garden party at your peril…

    No afence to anyone here, but no shit am i putting it up my ass…. to be honest i dunno if i’d wanna use any of it after it had been up there hahaha

    i was thinking thermos flask, then put it all in a looad of baggies… maybe thwy couldn’t smell it???

    its always better when you know its been up some ones arse or fanny? isnt it? 😉

    TBH I’d also rather stay at home and vote with my feet/wallet than even contemplate attending a event where I’d have to even consider plugging stuff – why pay to subject yourself to a prison style régime, especially when you consider that the cops/guards are getting a bit of your ticket money as well as your taxes.

    Smaller festivals very rarely have drugs dogs on the entrance points. unless the people there have overdone it in previous years so the event is already known as a drugs problem area.

    For instance its public record on the Breckland council website that the cops only put in the (single) drugs dog at a Norfolk legal event after loads of people were not just blatantly doing drugs but so many were going to the medical tent the chaps on duty expressed their concern to the Police.

    sometimes they smell it other times they dont….I wish I knew a cowboy trick for those dogs, I have seen them walk by pieces and gave no interest what so ever, other times I have seen them find the best stashed stuff after the book….. the best is to stay away of them with things you don not wish them to find….at least take a good notice whats going on at the gates(they might use ion sniffers gadgets) and find other ways in….

    @Tank Girl 417657 wrote:

    its always better when you know its been up some ones arse or fanny? isnt it? 😉

    agreed :weee:

    hi all ,
    ” its always better when you know its been up some ones arse or fanny? isnt it? ” ……think theres a name for that 🙂 lol


    Don’t ever underestimate a drugs dog and handler, I got followed by one and searched at Creamfields, luckily I had just necked the pill I had in my pocket so he didn’t find owt, I was clearly fucked though. Always remember, the powder etc. gets on more things that you would think if you are using them in a small tent, more than just notes, and the dogs will smell it.

    As said though, they can’t sniff everyone, or search every tent, so just be careful, but never think you are untouchable, if I hadn’t literally just dropped the pill I woulda been in more trouble because they search all the usual places.

    A good tip I have heard for pills to get a few into the main arenas was to stack them and wrap them in clingfilm, sort of like parma violets, stick them under your tongue, and practice being able to talk. If you are unlucky enough to get searched, they won’t check your mouth aslong as you can answer their questions.

    Saw no police dogs at Sonisphere though, so I’m guessing as said, it must just go on the sort of clientele that will be attending.

    Never licked coke out someones ass before?

    Hi Poly ,
    You never lived lol







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