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Possible Explanation What Causes The K-Hole

Forums Drugs Ketamine Possible Explanation What Causes The K-Hole

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  • Pretty interesting and sounds totally plausible to me, if not entirely probable.

    Sounds like a plausible explanation as far as what it feels like and they seem to have confirmed this to an extent in their study. Its kinda dodgy that they thought .24mg/kg was a recreational dose thats like a quarter gram for a 100kg man or a half gram for a 50kg women although they fixed it. Ketamine is one of the scheduled drugs with a lot of research potential in of itself or with analogues and mercifully it isn’t schedule 1 so it might be easier to fast track compared to MDMA which is in a perpetual round of MAPS funding just to make it past level 3 trials.

    Yeah that dosage was ridiculous, thankfully they rectified it. Ketamine has enormous potential, maybe as much potential as MDMA and so it was heartbreaking for me to see that police and medics in the US have been abusing this, and people, when arresting people….

    US first responders are some of the worst in the world although the medics are far better than the police.

    Still we don’t have any US rap songs called “Fuck the EMTs” generally they’re okay although yes they are kinda bootlickers and shouldn’t be doing that. Didn’t know having a tin badge and a gun made you a medical doctor… ACAB 1312!!! Interesting that the article referenced Minneapolis PD, for the most part I trust EMTs to have peoples best interests at heart.

    EMTs shouldn’t be dosing anyone with anything suggested by cops, end of story. I was stunned to read that the hospital was running a study on ketamine and that people arrested would get injected with ketamine then find they had been enrolled into the study, while not conscious enough, or several times, not BREATHING ENOUGH, to consent to enrol, yet upon returning to reality, then had to remove themselves from the study they never agreed to be part of.

    Yeah Minneapolis seems to have some serious issues.

    Do they only do this to people with health insurance or do they bill the victim for the medication, intubation, ambulance etc. after the fact?

    Couldn’t tell you how they determine if you have insurance while they arrest you, but you’re gonna get the bill either way.

    Be less hassle if the bastards just shot you. No way can the average person afford to get arrested.

    Between cash bail and the likelihood of having injuries from your arrest you’re fucked.

    What a fucking country.

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Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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Forums Drugs Ketamine Possible Explanation What Causes The K-Hole