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      Don’t seem to be able to make threads in some forums ?

      Why? ?



        I had a post get flagged for moderation a few days ago that was pretty vanilla so IDK.


          Almost none of the posts i make shows anywhere ?



            I can see your posts without any moderation flags – I do sometimes notice times when the software logs you out and its not clear this has happened (which would prevent you from posting – and this is not the only WordPress based forum which does that, the UK vintage electronics forum I am on also does the same..)

            The post went through but was a few hours late it is in the oxycodone thread that has recently been posted in, and I quoted it and the quote says that it is awaiting moderation. Figured it was a glitch cause the post didn’t have anything that needed moderation.


              [quote quote=1261702]?[/quote]

              Hi Mrs Rob, you’re always been an ANGEL,

              I am surprised seeing so many people with an “acceptable” delay ~= a day” chatting together on the site!!! did my wishes came real???

              I have no idea what is going on with that platform program, but its clearly SHIT, and with shit, there is only one thing to do, get rid of it and take what was working fine.

              The platform changed 2017 if I remember, so why not TAKE AN OLD BACKUP AND GO BACK TO IT… for what are backups intended appart restoring a good time where all was working fine?!!!

              BACK TO THE FUTURE 4…

              AND I THOUGHT, who are the best person to go speak with Dr Bunsen… his Chief in Affairs “ANGEL” and his Chief in Technik “GL”

              PS : Chief in Affairs doesn’t sound good, in French, they call it “Bras Droit” = “Right Arm” which sounds more, euh…??? Professional !!? 😉
              so lets see if a woman is capable to make change things


                ? I’m sorry but I can’t.

                I do agree with the layout i crap. I especially miss the unread button so i can see exactly what posts have been made instead of making a search on each one.. I did prefeer the old forum better too, maybe we should make our own ?

                It’s good to see you ?

                alas, this is not the only place struggling with the lack of up to date/good forum software – I’ve seen the exact same complaints on other forums I visit about cars, bicycles, electronics etc, or some are using old/insecure software and its only a matter of time before they get hacked (the e-bikes forum was hacked because activists thought we were all old bill ?)

                Maybe a workaround could be to attach the URL


                directly to a menu button rather than as an option (which I vaguely remember being possible on WordPress)


                  ? Good job GL ?






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                Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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