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  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~undercurrents in prague~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Update from Prague : Monday 25th September 17:30

    Despite intense police harrassment – the Independent Media Centre has been
    laid seige by “SWAT team” style police and many journalists and activists
    have been detained on the border – the Undercurrents news team are braving
    the streets of Prague to bring you the news you won’t see on the news.

    To view their exclusive footage, hear directly from the protesters
    themselves, and keep up with the latest action, check out or

    We are expecting the first encoded Videos to be uploaded in an hour or so.

    Tomorrow, Tueasday 26th – from 9pm Undercurrents is teaming up with Pirate
    TV and Seattle’s legendary Studio X for comprehensive coverage of the
    international protests against the IMF, from Prague and across the globe.

    You can watch the events as they happen, as we broadcast live,
    transmitting video within minutes of the action and audio interviews
    straight from the streets to bring you a true picture of the gathering
    strength of global resistance.

    Please Network this information.


    “In the build up to the meetings, the mainstream media has demonised the
    use of direct action, concentrating solely on the sector of people intent on
    fighting with police or damaging property. What is being ignored are the
    tens of thousands of people blockading the conference using non-violent
    means. The press is intent on creating a climate of fear and ignorance.

    Undercurrents will be setting out to redress the balance and report on
    what direct action actually involves beyond the sensational headlines.”

    Many thanks for your support.






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