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  • Take a look at this

    The OFFICIAL Anti-Rave Site! : Idiot Ravers!

    It’s funny but not in the way intended!

    I ran into a guy who was from Sweden at a party, he said “all these people w/ glowsticks- its so 1990”. America is always behind 7 yrs musically & pop-culturally (if thats a word- how ‘American’ of me)…

    They really havent got a clue have they?


    or dont bover – its very boring.

    and of course to this boards nosey moderators – dont be rude to them they do have feelings – only write nice stuff about tickling each others toes wiv feather dusters.

    which site’s ‘nosey moderators’?

    why thats rude to say,why if it was not for america most of the world would not be.if it was not for us greedy fucking america so hungry for our muisc, food, and desinger clothes, us americans who spend money we don’t have us america who make superstars out of nobodys for no reason us america who everybody want’s to be like act like and live like you may have made new music and have a leg up on us in your opinion, remember it is us who everybdoy want’s to be. as far as american raves we rock and we don’t need your dj’s and so forth to party with your countries choose us to come and party at your high priced dj’s who come here and expect,us to book them and make us ravers pay a high rate to see them we have just as many and they are just as talented as any in the world you’ve infested our scene by making our promoters think we need overseas talent to make a party great well thats just not true in this mans opinion. so you think we are seven years behind the rest of the world, i say we are on the rise the cutting edge and thats just the way we like it,we shall rave on and we shall be the land of the free and the home of the rave…………….

    ’tis not the land of the free when it comes to ‘raves’, as EDM events have become tagged in American media. (i.e. The RAVE act, & numerous other efforts being put forth to quell our freedom to assemble & our freedom of expression) & the Chicago nightclub stampede has cast all promoters & club owners under a very big microscope…. & PLUR, the very basis on which the American scene was built, is now synonomous w/ drug culture according to law enforcement…. (albeit these days ‘PLUR’ is beginning to sound like ‘groovy’

    I agree that $30,000 is steep for an overseas headliner. But the reason promoters book these DJs is BECAUSE people (Americans) go see them.

    I have seen many venues filled to capacity for American headliners.

    Nobody needs to get angry here. The site above is based in America, kept up by an American. It’s a mockery site. Apparently, this person has chosen to portray the drugged out candy raver culture instead of EDM culture as a whole. And I’m sure you don’t think drugged-out candy ravers puddled on the floor in a mass of sweat & glitter are good for the scene.

    As for Americans & ‘all our money’…. statements like that are why the rest of the world thinks we’re pompous. I don’t have a lot of money. I don’t feel that America’s immense wealth has really provided a plush life for me personally, so I don’t feel any bond w/ ‘America’s money’

    Cheerz…. From a fellow Yank

    Originally posted by soulphreak
    why thats rude to say,why if it was not for america most of the world would not be.

    Erm,actually no…given that the population of America,originally come from just about every European nation,i reckon it’s the other way around 😀

    well lady luck i see your point and all and i guess i just get so mad when i relize what has become of my country and my midwest roots it pains me to see clubs that don’t work and parties that don’t go all night, the thouhgt that what once was a bueatiful scene is now nothing more then a drug induced over rated,high priced,media loving shit hole i wish the days of plur would come back and that we could all just get along party like we did back in the day when 5 am ment you still had three hours till a party ends not 5 am i’m in my car looking for some silly after hours that never happens till 10 am thats shitty to me. i love the muisc and the ppl that i have met alnog my journey in the midwest scene so maybe it’s time for me to hang it up to just let go and move on my confused what to do what to do……………………


    Alltho I don’t agree with this guy at all .. i did find this quite funny …

    During one of his many drug-induced stupors, this poor lad had quite a bad hallucination when he thought that his thumb was a hamburger. Needless to say, the outcome was quite bloody. (and pretty friggin’ funny as well).






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Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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