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Rave Organisers Appeal to Warehouse Owners for Space

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  • Rave Organisers Appeal to Warehouse Owners for Space

    Organisers of illegal raves are appealing to owners of empty warehouses to let them use the space for their events. The Pulse 8 dance parties were regularly held last year in Essex, attracting up to 1,500 people to the all-night events.

    Police welcomed the “apparent transition” by the organisation towards holding legal events. Organiser Matt, 21, said: “We have made this plea because the parties are growing rapidly and we think for health and safety reasons it would be a good idea to hold them in legitimate venues, which will be better for us and the organisation of the parties. “If the right place comes along we would very seriously think about it. “It’s got to be right for us, the people who come to our parties, and others involved, which includes the police. “We are very seriously committed to organising large events in this area.”

    Pulse 8 held raves last year in a field near Colchester, and warehouses in Witham, Essex, and Ipswich, Suffolk. Partygoers are told to meet at an appointed location, then travel in a convoy to the rave, generally not aware of their destination until it is reached. Police are always aware of the raves, but a spokesman for Essex Police said legislation stops them from taking direct action to prevent the parties, which are civil matters. Matt said health and safety issues in a building are their first consideration, and rubbish is always cleared away at the end of each party.

    But Matt, who organises the raves with another Matt, 23, said the quest to hold legitimate parties will not stop them continuing to organise illegal events. He said: “We are still going to carry on. It’s business as usual, but if the right venue comes along and we can offer what we do now, we will accept it. “Pulse 8 will always keep the same attitude and people can be assured we will not sell out. “We will not be moving into fancy clubs, we are looking for industrial units because we do industrial warehouse parties.”

    An Essex Police statement said: “Essex Police welcome the apparent transition by Pulse 8 to move towards the organisation of legitimate and lawful events and we would be prepared to offer advice and guidance in this respect as we would do to any similar applicant. “Beyond this general level of guidance and advice each specific application will still be viewed on its own merits by the relevant agencies in conjunction with the police.”

    Five hundred ravers took over a barn owned by farmer Martin Broad, from Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex, in August. He said: “For genuine farmers the idea is a non-starter. “Forgetting whether you actually like the idea or not, from a practical view it will not happen because a farm is a working place not a playground. “As far as I’m concerned I wouldn’t have them back because I do not agree with drugs, and know they were being taken.” Essex farmer Graeme Stephen, from near Great Dunmow, Essex, was arrested by police to prevent a public order disturbance while confronting ravers from dance party organisers Livewire using one of his buildings on Boxing Day. Police spokesman said officers found up to 70 ravers in the barn at midnight being “confronted verbally by the barn owner.” Mr Stephen was taken to a police station and later released without charge. An organiser of the Livewire rave said if the council gave them a barn in a remote part of Essex they would use it.

    YO YO YO!!!

    I live in essex and have only found1free party this year in that area (do not fear ive been 2 many others, just had to travel more which aint ideal!).

    Has pulse8 finished?

    i would love some less filtered info on this – does anyone know or party with pulse8? ive never partied essex, but id love to know how their liasing with the cops goes….






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