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  • HI Im from Prague, Im curious how is it with raving (illegal) in your country. i went to london but didnt meet the right people, im not interested in the usual tourist things,
    could anyone send me an email or just some links to uk web sites? ciao


    if you’ve browsed through this site you should have a fair idea. other sites which you could look at are urban75 and pan!k

    The Urban 75 site is excellent,i highly recommend it.It has tons of great info and is well laid out,seems to been left to its own devices recently-shame.

    thanks guys, where do you go to enjoy yourselves?
    there’s a small brother of creamfields near prague next month, underworld is coming, everybody here is curious if it’s gona be better than the Open Air Field,which is considered the biggest and the best so far, parties here are getting bigger every year, but I think it’s bit different from london,most of the people still love the hardest techno…
    what about you people?

    i occasionally go to the odd club or big event, but mostly i end up at free parties. i live in amsterdam, the scene here revolves around psytrance. i’m not overly into or anti it, but heh the parties rock so who cares…

    interesting that holland has a psytrance scene-is that at parties?presumably there are commercial clubs playing other stuff?
    here in scotland commercial high street type clubs tend to play that awful sexist,formula hardhouse stuff/cheesy chart crap-to a crowd that is very laddish in attitude.there are quite a few more underground clubs playing a wide range of stuff-mainly in the biggar towns and cities-where the clubbers attitude is generally more friendly and accepting.
    there is also something of a free party scene-playing mostly techno-our crew for example,find it difficult to find a venue to let us play techno(they dont see any money in it and dont understand it)so we have to do free parties to cater for the like minded people around,who are basically barred from going to commercial clubs because they find it too restricting.
    when i do go to a club it tends to be a big event put on by say,Slam or the mighty(and indeeed legendary)Pure

    when i talk about the psy scene i mean mostly amsterdam… of course there are mainstream clubs around playing different styles of music, but they tend to be shit for the most part. i was very suprised when i first got here, i expected the clubs to be wicked, but they weren’t. anyway, suposedly there used to be a lot of techno at free parties around the country but i’ve seen very little evidence of any. in three years i can count the number of techno parties i’ve been to on one hand.

    Urban75 is excellent, I highly recommend it. It has tons of great info and is well laid out but seems to been left to its own devices recently-shame.






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