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  • …spent saturday with friends (drinking) with the grand finale of reclaim the beach in the evening.

    Due to various factors, the turnout for it was absolutely outstanding. I arrived at about 2315 and there was hundreds, if not 1500+ people gathered on the beach with radios all tuned in to radio4a- A few even brought home made 12v systems in shopping trolleys and the like.

    The whole group then moved further on along the beach where crackpot sound system had been set up on a hardstanding. At the peak of it here just no more room for munters in front of the rig due to there being a small wall & railings around the hardstanding area!

    I luckily got to play at 3:30 though we suddenly got news through to the studio that the cops wanted it to stop at 4:30 so it was to be the last set of the night…

    I finished my set, booted it back down to the rig to find that the police had not issued any paperwork so the rig was gonna carry on .

    They finally switched it off about 7am as they didnt really wanna push their luck with the cops, much to the dissapointment of the large crowd still there! …

    … We’ve all been so overwhelmed over the sucess of it all. At one point when the police were trying to get the rig turned off, some old guy (that was looking a bit suspect to be honest) totters up to them and start saying how great he thinks it is and that we’re doing nothing wrong and its bringing the community together. After that the cops did actually promptly leave!

    A group of us had a notion to go, but we were put off by a lack of cash, fear of traffic and crowds. Did here anyone go? How was it?






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