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    Some very bad news:

    *** the original news item is no longer at that URL – but the gist of it was that a squat in Lewisham, SE London was entered by London Fire Brigade during a fire. The body of Brett Young, age 30, was found by firefighters, and a post-mortem by H M Coroner showed that Mr Young died of head injuries. Met Police Serious Crime Group South are now investigating – they believe he may have been murdered. ***

    A lot of the people who read this board will have known that guy. For over a decade he was very active in the rave scene in and around London, and will be greatly missed.

    NB: Please do not speculate on what has happened here – not only is it disrespectful to friends and family of the deceased – this is now an active murder investigation, and talk about it on boards will (understandably) attract the attention of the old bill.






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