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  • * * * H.E.A.D.F.U.K. EVICTION PARTY * * *
    with contributions from Mayhem, Crossbones and Cafe del Squat

    Loads of live acts and deejays + bar + projections + smiling party people

    60 Brooksby’s Walk, Homerton E9
    Homerton BR
    W15, 276, 236, S2 Buses
    5 min. walk from Hackney Central

    We are gonna go full throttle but we still would to keep it on a friendly
    basis so don’t shout it where it isn’t wanted


    Here’s something tasty that one of our label artists is putting on next
    Friday… we’re also bringing down a couple of DJs and a live set so get
    down there!


    Hardcore Crossbreed Productions presents

    C R O S S B R E E D

    3 rooms of hardcore, gabber, noisecore, broken beats, industrial breaks +
    HARDCORE CROSSBREED label launch

    Friday 24th November 2000

    (Hardcore Crossbreed Records, Underground Music)
    H.E.A.D.F.U.K. LIVE (UK) (H.E.A.D.F.U.K. Records)
    BLACK MONOLITH PA (U.S.A.) (Black Monolith Records, Underground Music)
    SUNJAMMER PA (NORWAY) (Black Monolith, Hardcore Crossbreed, Discontent)
    LAST TOMORROW RECORDINGS (UK) (Crossbones, Rave Frontier, Hackney Trax)
    MAX DEATH (UK) (Tuff Shit, Strike Records, Underground Music)
    COLONEL STENCH (UK) (Norton Records, Underground Music)
    DARK ANGEL PA (UK) (Bloodshed, Resistance, Digital Discharge)

    SKINNER (U.S.A.) (Black Monolith, Dark Communications)
    SIMON UNDERGROUND (UK) (Underground Music, Live Evil, Born To Kill)
    TRAFFIK (UK) (Disturbance, Corrupt, Epileptik)
    SMURF (UK) (G.G.M. Species, North)
    SASS (UK) (Hardheadz, North, Twisted)
    CROSSBONES DJ SQUAD (UK) (Face Hoover, Kenny Kramp, Rave Enforcer)
    RAGE (UK) (Species, North, Rebellion)
    THE TEKNOIST & THE TERRORIST (UK) (Species, Evolution, North)
    THE ENTICER (UK) (Hardcore Crossbreed, H.E.A.D.F.U.K.)
    CASUALTY (UK) (Diehard, Rebellion)
    PSYCHOFREUD (NORWAY) (Discontent)
    SIKE 1 (U.S.A.) (Street Wize Kids NYC)
    BRAINDAMAGE (UK) (Vortex, Rebellion)
    ADAM B (UK) (Invasion)

    10pm – 6am
    @ Trenz, 240 Amhurst Road, London N16
    Hackney Downs + Rectory Road BR
    276, 236, N243, 76, 67, 149 Buses

    Email for more info or if you want
    to get some special reduced entry flyers sent by post which get you in for
    only four smackers!


    Out in the next couple of weeks will be Volume Four on HEADFUK Records
    This be another killa4tracka covering all ya hardcore drum&bass and tekno
    needs + samples to scratch with!
    Mp3s will be up on our site when it’s released and as usual you can pick up
    the vinyl version from
    Underground Music distribution, Kinetec, Dragon Disks or Ambient Soho in
    or direct from us on da

    Here are the details for a mates’ leaving which’ll be a good laugh… get in
    touch with him at and get an invite sent over to


    Sex By Numbers No.1
    A delicious mix of Techno & Old Skool girls
    1st December – Bar Fink, Camden (Outside Camden Rd Station)
    8pm til late – Doors close 10:30pm
    Info call: 07780 706709

    Mati Parks
    Jim + D.No (Mayhem)
    Judgemental (Mayhem)
    Greekboy (Arkatek)
    Brad Lee & Pat Hurley (Stonka)
    Flatfoot Sam (Helmethead)
    Ology (X)

    Please 4ward this e-mail to people that deserve it.
    You will need an invite to get in, which I have printed up. (Sorry Mati 4got
    to put you on it – DOH!) These will be distributed over the next couple of
    weeks, call me if you need any posting.

    I look forward to seeing you all there. Oops nearly 4got, its FREE!

    Laters, Greekboy xx


    O v e r a n d o u t . .

    ============================================================================ – soon to change to!!






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