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    Tony Stuntman must be Tony Potter her boyfriend. He was her pimp I guess, and seemed to obviously enjoy watching Gail getting humped. He made sure they didn’t beat her up.

    I used to frequent the El Cid Club in London in late 80s and early 90s. I remember a host of hot totty, mostly page 3 girls. I was young and didn’t read the papers, but there was one brunette I remember by the name of Gail. I don’t know if she or her mates were Page 3 girls: but they were all lovely looking girls, with big tits, and smashing wastes, legs and figures. Gail was the best as she had the nicest face, and was by far the sauciest one, as she was a bit shy.

    Now I remember she used to go out with this guy, called Tony. He never got involved much with want went on. A nasty guy called Mike, who was part of a pop group had brief fling with this girl. Everyone, including me, wanted to fuck her.

    A year later I saw her going to the toilets with her mates after allowing a known drug dealer to grope her tits. When she came out she was no longer shy at all. She was a raver.

    Soon she was rubbing herself up against all the drug dealers, and there were a few of them. I sneaked into a room where an orgy was going on and whilst I was shagging a girl, I saw Gail doing it with at least 6 guys. Then it was our turn, and we all fucked her in different holes. God, she was great, but out of her mind, high on snorted cocaine.

    She was a great fucking whore. I was a drunk at the times I was there so I’ll never be sure if this was the Gail we now see on TV. But she looked a bit like her, a lot younger.

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    Sent: 11 October 2007 23:39

    Dear Sir

    There is a reference to Gail McKenna and Kathy LLoyd on your website at

    Please remove it and all references to Gail on your website. This is defamatory material, and it should be removed.

    I refer you to the following regarding this matter so please make sure to remove it as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your kind co-operation.

    John Clarkson

    Please note:-

    Website Hosts liable for defamatory material.

    Website hosts may be liable for defamatory material created by someone else but which they host. However, there are special defences available to hosts under the Defamation Act 1996 and the E-commerce Regulations.

    Under the Defamation Act 1996, a website host will have a defence to a claim for libel if he can show that (i) he was not the author, editor or publisher of the statement complained of, (ii) he took reasonable care in relation to its publication, and (iii) he did not know and had no reason to believe that what he did caused or contributed to the publication of the defamatory statement. The defence under the E-commerce Regulations is expressed in similar terms.

    In order to have the best chance of taking advantage of these defences, a host should not as a matter of course monitor/edit the content of websites that it hosts; however as soon as the host becomes aware of potentially defamatory content, that content should be quickly removed.


    I see youve removed the material. I wouldnt bother responding to the email. You never recieved it remember 😉 you removed the post of your own back because it was bad 😉

    Aye it wasnt adding anything worth having

    ignore the troll and ban his ip address :biggreen: starve him of the attention he so desperately craves 😉






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Viewing 6 replies - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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