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SG : Singapore deploys self-driving taxicabs

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  • They even managed to beat Uber to delivering a service; although one big factor in this companies favour is SG is a small and extremely well engineered and well planned country with an extremely high level of traffic safety.

    Another is although USA often claims SG is a poster child for “free market economies and deregulation” this is not strictly true; SG has a more hardline attitude to rules and regulations than Northern Europe (including DE) although by and large follows EU regulations for everything (in spite of being thousands of km away).

    It also has a very high level of direct investment by govt (therefore using the taxpayers money) in private companies, to the point they could be classed as part nationalised, except the level of govt control is perhaps more subtle. (This is hard to explain and I am not an economist; although its not dissimilar to how Germany operates).

    Corporate taxation is lower than Europe as the govt are at least smart enough to realise that overtaxing companies they already own and have some control of is pointless but there is a lot of pressure on startup companies there to actually deliver something useful (which by and large they do).

    TBH I’d trust this service in SG way more than one in USA….

    Uber is about to deploy self-driving cars in select US markets. So this is basically the same thing.

    A Tesla that had no driver got into an accident and was found to be at fault, Google keeps testing self driving cars and they get into accidents but its never Google’s fault.

    The tech is similar, although the Singapore companies are using what appear to be custom modified self-driving versions of European and Japanese small cars – i.e cars that have already been tried and tested as safe with human drivers.

    The way the system is being developed appears to be different with a bit more thought being put into safety and constructive engagement with the transport regulators.

    The use of these cars is currently confined to an industrial estate and an area spanning only a few square km where there are new well maintained roads and a lot of tech companies (but still providing a useful service to the passengers) – if you look at the picture of the car in the first article from the Guardian its index plate is a unique design (different from any others in current use – with the prefix “RD” immediately identifying it to ANPR systems as a research vehicle).

    Traffic laws in SG are (like many other things there) “firm but fair” – if I rode my (EU approved standard) e-bike there I’d have to slow down (and/or perhaps revert some of the fine tuning of the controller settings) as they although they have 700km of decent bike paths (no mean feat for a tiny, crowded country) the max speed is 25 km/h..

    They also strongly discourage the private ownership of motor cars – it is also very expensive to run them due to the countries small size; and that they have to be imported from Malaysia, Europe or Japan anyway.

    This is the traffic authority website; it is impressively clear and easy to follow by the standards of public sector websites worldwide!






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