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  • Actually you may be the first person to ask this on the forum!

    My view on it is it would make sense to lean over the surface on which you are snorting from rather than sit back but I do not know that much about medical stuff. There is a big thread on reddit here but it seems to give conflicting information in some bits.

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.

    Having a mirror or something so that you can bring it up to your face might help?

    I think it is kind of part of it, I never came up with a foolproof way to avoid it. Having a more finely chopped powder should help in theory.


      @slimshifty217 986030 wrote:

      Ok, so probably really stupid question that I’m sure has been bumped so many times but…when I’m snorting, sometimes the shit goes down my throat instead of being absorbed in my nostrils. Which angle should I use to make this never happen again, or a pic or something please?

      I would go to the nearest polytechnic university of your place and propose the director to add that question to the list for the diplomas
      studies for the next year…..

      i use an old clipboard i painted back when i was in preschool (I know, I know I’m a douchebag) and I’ve been using it to snort off of. i have one of those generic straws cut in half and i have been using that as a clear route, ya know not fucking up one dollar bills or whatever. i think its just going to be a hit and miss with me. im perfecting it though. if theres one thing drugs taught me ma, its that being innovative is the most important thing to success lmao

      Maybe try snorting without a straw and see if that works any better. IDK it might help because its going straight into your nose and you can’t hoover it with too much force which might cause it to go straight to the back of your throat.

      That shit used to always get stuck in my throat. I’d be grunting and sniffing for ages to get it out, even tried gargling water, Just dealt with it in the end.

      Another think you might want to do is wash it with acetone or something to get the filler out. Purer amphetamine goes up easier than the other stuff mixed in. Although this takes a bit of moxie and some minimal chemistry knowhow.

      IME, when I am insufflating amphetamines (racemic amphetamine salts), and can feel powder making its way to my throat, I can assume that I pulled a little too hard (snorted too powerfully). So I would recommend inhaling at a slow steady pace. The angle at which you want in order to snort the aforementioned substance would look like it was pointing into the nostril, but aimed away from the upper nasal cavity area.

      Basically, if you snort more than the mucus membrane can absorb and mucus enough is produced for it to be sliding down your throat it’s a volume thing. It’s inevitable some is going down there, with any drug. Even snort9ng 2mg of DOC where you would think the possibility f any going down the throat is tiny, you still taste the fucker.

      U never wana taste the fucker, boke, bomb it haha

      Come on from time to time stoned. Love mj and psychedelics.


        your nose is too big. the mucous membranes in your nose can only absorb a certain amount of powder at a time. I think the excess is what runs down or out. I think it also depends on what kind of solvent and how the speed was processed. if residues of the base are still included, it will also etch the mucous membranes.






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      Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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