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  • Message from Rah, mother of southampton based party activists – SOAP – from

    Good evening viewers.In tonight’s thrilling episode of SOAP will we discover
    the answer in this concluding part of ‘The search for the missing Venue’.?
    This long-running plot has kept the nation gripped with the ‘will they,
    won’t they’ storyline. Starring all your favourite heroes valiantly fighting
    for their right to party, are we about to have all revealed?!!

    Well hello sweeties! You may probably have a chuckle at the above, but it
    sort of sums up the dramas, twists and turns in our never-ending quest for a
    suitable venue in which to home SOAP. It certainly has been a tumultuous
    year so far for us. But aside from the problems we have had to suffer
    because of other people ( managers/licensing) I have always
    maintained great respect for you-our followers and supporters. Your
    dedication, loyalty and faith to SOAP has been unsurpassable, and so, it is
    with great pleasure that I give you all the following news.

    We have, over the past week, been having talks with a major venue in the
    south. All the crew have also visited this venue in it’s working glory to
    test out it’s suitability for our requirements. We came away unanimous in
    our feelings that this is the perfect place in which to take SOAP to it’s
    next level.

    This venue is THE VISION nightclub in Ringwood, Hampshire.

    Right, I can’t remain sensible any longer…….
    YAHOO! YIPPEE! HAPPYHAPPYJOYJOY!! You lot are gonna LURVE this. It is beyond
    even the words of the almighty Tony G – NICE!? Bandersnatch…’s bloody
    flippin’ mental. Three floors of windy, bendy magnificent dance space,
    coupled with viewing gallery, cosy chill out areas, tea & hotdog stations,
    friendly barstaff, amazingly polite security, refreshingly nice
    management……and of course…the most fantastic sound system, lighting
    system and AIR CONDITIONING.

    Excited? No – I am positively orgasmic!! We visited there on Saturday, night
    to LEGACY, borne of The Manor. It was fantastic to see so many familiar
    faces, smiling and having an ecstatic time(!) We even bumped into a few of
    the SOAP family, who upon hearing our news were absolutely chuffed because
    they love the venue.So here we go again folks. I know that you will feel at
    home in this place-spread the word! Our launch nite is FRIDAY 20 October
    9pm-3am. We are currently working on the finer details but we aim to have a
    coach service running for you messier people. There is also ample car

    If you have any queries or just want a chat don’t forget you can always call
    me or any of the crew. Watch this space for further details! Let us have
    your opinions/thoughts/love via the message board on
    . In the meantime…. GET YER GLOWSTIX READY!!







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