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Solstice revellers warned off parties

Forums Rave Party Reports Solstice revellers warned off parties

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    Summer solstice revellers heading for Stonehenge have been warned off holding any unlicensed “mass gatherings” after the event.

    Police in the neighbouring county of Hampshire say they will not tolerate any illegal parties after Saturday’s solstice.

    Officers are to be out in force in the area between Basingstoke, Andover and the Wiltshire border to thwart any attempts to hold parties.

    Up to 30,000 people are already expected to gather during Friday in preparation for the solstice at Stonehenge.

    Superintendent Mark Chatterton, Andover’s divisional commander, said: “We are not being killjoys, we are all in favour of people having a good time provided the event is properly licensed to ensure that it is safe for everyone.

    Speakers seized

    “Last month 25,000 people attended the Homelands Festival near Winchester – they enjoyed themselves in a safe and properly organised environment.

    “We will not stand for anyone setting up any sort of event that has not been through the safety and licensing process and there is nothing that meets that criteria in Hampshire around the solstice.”

    The police have said that sound systems and speakers will be seized in the event of an unlicensed gathering.

    The Ministry of Defence, a major landowner around Andover, is also working with police to ensure that their sites are secure from occupation by solstice revellers.

    that really stinks!!! no surprises there tho….






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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Forums Rave Party Reports Solstice revellers warned off parties