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Soundsystem Application Form – Ganja Day May 4th 2002

Forums Rave Free Parties & Teknivals Soundsystem Application Form – Ganja Day May 4th 2002

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  • Howdee,

    The fourth, annual, international cannabis festival is scheduled to take place on the 4/5/2002. As before several soundsystems will form part of the festival. In the interests of us all, this proposal form is intended to make the selection of these soundsystems as fair and democratic as possible. If you’re interested we’d like you to fill out this form, supply us with an example of your sound on CD or Mini-disc and then soundystems will be chosen at a core group meeting of the festival organisers.

    We are a free festival, we have no money and large debts. We need crews who are self-sufficient, financially, with a large enough crew with stewarding skills and physical infrastructure eg tents, lights, speakers. We’ve raised a lot of our own funds through benefits and events, this is vital to the sustainability of the festival and will ensure that the cannabis festival continues to happen. This means if soundsystems can run one their regular gigs, or a one off benefit or are able to support fundraising in any way then that would be fab.

    We also expect that systems will promote the festival and benefits through their own networks alongside our own promotions team. Thanks for your interest. Viva la Ganja.

    Soundystem Name

    Contact Name Phone E-mail

    Rig Size Do you have a tent (if yes what size?)

    What do you do? (provide a brief biog, history of your system and an outline of your intentions at Ganja Day)

    How will you look? (eg visuals, lights, décor etc how will the space be managed)

    Are you able to provide a bar with all funds going towards the festival? (we will supply beer, pallets etc have you got volunteers who can work on a bar)

    How many vehicles do you have and what size?
    (usually only two vehicle passes per system will be acceptable)

    What are your power requirements? (if you use your own generator then it must be diesal)

    Anything else you need/want to tell us?

    please send cd’s etc to ganja day sounds, 73 brailsford rd, brixton, sw2 2tb or mail






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Forums Rave Free Parties & Teknivals Soundsystem Application Form – Ganja Day May 4th 2002