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  • Greetings you wonderful people…

    Appologies if you have already received this, but we are having a few
    problems with mail outs.
    It’s been a long time coming, but we have great pleasure in announcing our
    new night. Called SPIRIT, it is a night of uplifting banging house and

    The launch night is on Saturday 7th October at Belushi’s, Borough High
    Street, between London Bridge and Borough stations. It runs from 10-4 and
    costs only £5 to get in, a bargain in anyone’s Euros! The venue is really
    tidy, and the bar prices are relatively cheap. The bar upstairs is open all
    day, so if you want to get there earlier than 10pm for a sherry of two then
    you can. Arrange to meet friends, or find new ones…what ever!

    DJ’s on the launch night include myself, Raymondo and Tim King. Annette and
    I look forward to seeing you all down there.

    Ciao Amici…~s~

    Rob & Annette.






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