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  • Stand Up! Shout Out! and be heard, on Sunday August 10th the In Touch Collective brings you a different kind of dance in which we will be fucusing on the recent laws and bills that have been presented to us as we take in refreshing beats of the djs to help keep your mood. This will be an activist dance in which we will be gaining not the attention of average ravers or clubbers but we will be demanding the attention of those who do not know about the recent laws that have recently come into play.

    The gathering will be held at the San Francisco Civic Center courtyard, outside under the beautiful sky from 12 noon until 8pm that night. We are fully permitted with the City of San Francisco and this will be a 100% free gathering as this is a 100% non profit event. We have setup a donation to help us pay for the sound permit which is costing us a chunk of change. We will be accepting donations at the gathering and we also have setup a PayPal account online at the following link. If we can even get $1 from each person it will fully pay for the sound permits. 100% of the donations go to the permits.

    Click here to make a donation to Stand Up! Shout Out! through PayPal.

    As mentioned previously we will also will have a great lineup of djs to help keep you enlightened throught the day which include:

    Vallerie Sparks
    Ron Reeser
    The Doctor
    …and about 5 more to be announced very soon.

    Between the music you will be educated by public speakers giving short speeches that will help give a better understanding of the Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act to those who are not in the know, as well as its wrongful association to the Amber Alert child abduction bill the two of which have absolutely not a thing to do with eachother. Our goal here is not to reverse any laws, we need to be realistic and we must inform and educate before we can make a change. We will be attracting our usual class of culture but more importantly we will be reaching out to the average 9 – 5 job kind of person, the tourist or visitor to our city who stumbles upon us, the banker going to get his afternoon coffee and sees us, and most importantly all the political figures of whose offices we will be dancing outside of in the courtyard. We need a diverse group of people to attend because this extention of the R.A.V.E. Act hurts not just raves but bars, concerts, clubs, bbq’s, even the birthday party you had with a musical performance at it. This bill was passed without having a hearing, without even being debated over and this is wrong. It is up to us to Stand Up and Shout Out.

    What we need from you is to tell every single soul you come in contact with to attend this gathering. A lot depends on how many of you participate because we will be calling on every last local news channel, newspaper and radio news station in the Bay Area to come out and give us the attention we will be demanding to help get our word out to the public. So the more participants we have, the better this will look and the more attention we will gain. We urge you to make signs and picketts baring your feelings towards these new laws.

    We do ask you to please remember that the media will be here and every last one of you are representing an entire culture so please represent us respectfully, leaving home your drug paraphanellia, pipes, and t shirts that have a big pot leaf in the middle of them. If you are seen drug dealing, doing drugs or being healvily intoxicated, the on site law enforcement will be notified and you will be escorted off the premesis or even worse be arrested. We are being very strict on this rule and it will be enforced during the entire gathering from begining to end. No joke, No excpetions, we are not liying about this so if you plan to come here for that you better make plans on staying home or face consequences. We want to give the media and the public a good impression. Those of you whose senses arise to this only to do drugs please just stay home and help us out by not coming. This is not a rave, this is a dance with education and information being dispensed as well as good vibes, good opinions and good beats.

    This thread will be updated very soon so please check back.
    If you have any questions or comments or you would like to add a major idea to the event please email to or AIM myself at OTayblTwiztrO or Daniel at dmfan1981.






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