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  • I wanna play records to people, and figure the best way, is to set up my own sound system. Can anyone give me some general advice as I am a total ameteur used to a crappy midi system at home. thanks. peaceout

    hey i would like to chat with you but i cant get into the private chat

    cheers for the reply Cellis, Im not sure what you mean about all this private chat stuff, I know as much about the internet chat as i do soundsystems unfortunatley. wordout sid

    right on sid-what we need is more people like you!what you need to do is get yourself a generator, small pa(power amp and speakers plus leads etc) some dj’s and a few trusted mates.just get out there and do some parties and keep at it .Try to build some kind of following-a hardcore if you like-It’s real easy to get put off by assholes at parties stealing and stuff but you gotta keep at it and try to set up to minimise disruption-there’s tons of good info on this site and others like it-check it out

    its good shit. non the less technical exspensize not to mention time consuming. know the law ie scetion 6 of 94 cja. build your own cabinets. check out party vibe, advance partyetc. owe good luck

    thanks for the advice party people, I’m checkin’ sites, makin’ friends, bustin’ moves. peaceout sid xx






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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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Forums Rave Free Parties & Teknivals startin a system