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Technosense – October 2000

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  • Technosense, Reading, UK – 19.10.00
    by Nick*

    It was an excellent night. The venue was just near the originally booked one and also near my gaff, so an easy walk, albeit not one I’d ideally choose to make, down that dark track. Seemed as though more people made it than normally come along to Technosense at the After Dark venue anyway which was nice 🙂 At midnight we had a special Earthdance- style Prayer For W**kers viz the manager of the After Dark 🙂

    Of course with no licence to worry about the play list went a bit by the board. I heard Dan (DJ Sideshow) play, and I heard Barclay DJ Dark Angel who was of course every bit as good as you’d expect. Thanks for all the top classic Dark Angel tunes mate, and especially for “This Is The House That X Built” – I did indeed notice it 🙂 :o) And I think James Scrawney Beaver, and D.A.V.E. the Drummer, and I don’t know who else …

    I took two of my friends home to my place at about 2.30am or so, and we had cups of tea and a wotnot before they went to bed. I just chilled out, kept myself awake and listened to hard house 🙂 before I went back to hear another friend, DJ Lucy, when he was supposed to be playing from about 4.30. He had been going to go straight on after D.A.V.E. The Drummer but with extra time there were extra DJs to fit in.

    Unfortunately one of the James (was it James Daft Kunt) disappeared after he’d been given a play slot so Lucy was on earlier, and I missed his set of tearing hard gabba 🙁 However our other mates said that it was very good indeed, and I’m looking forwards to hearing it on another occasion.

    In another mail someone wrote to me:
    > The new venue wasn’t hard to find but it was *filthy* 🙂 Underground in every sense of the word 🙂
    > I am intrigued!!!

    Heh 🙂 It’s an old factory building, someone reckoned it had been something to do with woodwork on account of the sawdust, though to me it was all just random filth. Downstairs is a large basement area (and I mean large), Technosense didn’t even occupy a quarter of it, and of course it was the quarter furthest from the entrance so you had a long walk across a large dark space full of puddles, with only one floodspot and the rig lights to guide you. Mind you, finding your way back to the stairs to ground level was even more fun – fortunately this is where the large rubber torch came in very handy !

    I could write more but I won’t yet – it would be worth ringing the same partyline number (much) later tonight for more party details …

    But yeah, it was filthy, the ceiling had steel beams supported on cast columns and the girders and pipework were coated with black muck, also the floor was very very dusty and gritty (and I’m told also sawdusty as per previous email). Take good torches, and old clothes that you don’t mind getting extremely dusty.

    Still, it was a great and absolutely teriffic party, much better than at the After Dark Club so eat your heart out mate !! They were still going strong when I had to take Lucy home to crash, I don’t know how long it lasted but I wouldn’t be surprised if it kept going right through …







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