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Teenagers-the hardest age …

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  • you sound like a decent mum man, it just sounds like he’s a typical lad like … to be honest though, if it really is for a remote control car he may just be thinking ”what the?” so why not say ”ok, ill go with you to get it?” if it really is for the motor thing e ma jig he’ll insist no, then tell him that he cant have it then … eeeasssyyy like a sunday mornin 🙂

    thats what my mum used to do with me :love:

    but not as simple..:cry:.

    I’d suggest offering to give him a lift to where he’s getting it from (hey may be telling the truth after all!)

    but if he isn’t, and he really is is thinking of getting a off road motorbike and riding in a dodgy manner, go on the crime news websites and find a few articles about youths his age what have stacked theirs and fucked themselves up bad

    tell him about how if he ends up in a wheelchair people just gonna laugh at him and say derrr in the street and try to rob him, so you’ve lost your freedom for life for just one stupid move…

    you won’t get a decent bike for £50, it would probably be fucking dangerous, what about safety gear? is there nowhere he could learn to ride one properly and safely?

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.

    yeah that does sound like a tricky one. it does sound like your being entirely fair to me though, if i ever asked my parents for £50 for random stuff they would’nt have given it to me (though they where really good parents), so i just didnt ask in the end! if you’ve got £50 to spend you could take him down a proper bike track or karting or something? My parents not giving me stuff all the time was really good for me cos it made me get a paper round and a job at the weekend and this defiantely taught me allot of good stuff, and i actually joined a local karting club off the back of my own money!

    Hope it works out :group_hug

    thanks for that guys.xx.:wink:

    maybe the money is for a g of mdma or coke 😉

    seems like a good excuse “yeah erm, remote control car, yeah?” :laugh_at:

    just don’t give him it, i never got shit off my parents n i’m glad, cant stand spoilt people, n if he’s 16 he can get a job

    boothy;238479 wrote:
    just don’t give him it, i never got shit off my parents n i’m glad, cant stand spoilt people, n if he’s 16 he can get a job

    I have to agree, i was working from a young age having a single mum n’all, I was always taught to work for what i wanted. Even if its 15quid every weekend i would make the most outta it.

    thanks for your thoughts:love:….i shouldnt have put this thread in here…cos i just read some the other title threads and its O.m.g:crazy_diz i put this in here i was thinking relaitonships as in family…etc..:crazy_dru

    anyway good news my boy rang me yesterday:wink:…he got his girlfreind to text me and say …Reece is really sorry about what he said…i said well he can phone me and say it himself if he means it…and he did 5 minutes later…So i didnt go on at him just told him you know…. mother to son talk…best i can.its the hardest thing ever ever being a parent
    (a good one.cos anyone can have kids an drag em up) you dont know if your being too strict or not strict enough. you just have to go with your gut intincts. thats the hardest thing .its getting the balance right…:bounce_fl






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Forums Love, Sex & Relationships Teenagers-the hardest age …