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  • After travelling for ages this weekend to the ‘teknival’ festival and seeing it get cancelled by the police i was staggered to see just how many people turned up.Our scene isnt dying far from it!!!it lives on and if we are to postpone the ‘teknival’ till later in order to look at how we get the party off the ground without the police finding out then so be it.We will suceed!!if we have to move to more remote areas then so be it, why do u think Wales has so much sucess????or the north like the cumbria, lancashire, or Yorkshire.We need to think of more cunning plans.So every one dont give up ever!! never give up on something you believe in ,ever!!!and never doubt yourselves.Feel free to reply to me

    Nice and very true!
    Are you involved in organising free parties?If so and you have the time then please e-mail me!!
    In the meantime, don’t let the anti-ravers get U down(there’s more of us than they think!!!!)

    Thank you for a postive comment stardust/chessy quaver!!!you can mail me at:, if you fancy a chat??






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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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